Residents Of Dearborn Heights Are Like Mushrooms Kept In The Dark And Fed ———–.





The administration strike’s again, this time, however, the maladroit way in which the administration handled the awarding of the contract and the roll out of our new trash can has had a profound impact on many residents in the City. Where did it all go wrong? Right at the start, the administration knew exactly when the contract with Waste Management was expiring. Instead of planning accordingly they waited until the last-minute to write-up the bid. The administration didn’t identify the elderly or disabled in our City. The Mayor did not inquire about any special services offered by either of the company’s bidding. The Mayor of Dearborn Heights didn’t include any of those services in the bid. If the Mayor would have taken the time to understand the residents living in Dearborn Heights and included things like smaller cans, and back door service for residents who are disabled. A more accurate contract would have gone out for bid. Now those residents are left with getting a doctor’s note and pay for a smaller can. However, they have already paid for the trash cans through their tax dollars.

Whole neighborhoods in the City of Dearborn Heights have homes without driveways. Those neighborhoods were not taken into consideration or even identified when a no parking on trash day ordinance adopted by the City. The solution for these residents from the Mayor’s office is well we allow them to park on the grass in a snow emergency so they can do that on trash day. A no parking ordinance that Councilman Ray Muscat wanted to start months ago. Here is what he said in an email exchange with a resident and all council members.

I understand your concern as I have stated before in a public forum that this should have been implemented way back in May or June. I guess when I speak nobody listens. When I first brought it up way back in the beginning of the year I never heard anyone from the administration or council members say “Good idea”. I guess if it’s not their idea it’s not any damn good! And yes, I know I responded to ALL.

There are many residents in the City that still don’t know that they can’t park on the street day of trash pick-up. GFL then Rizzo sent out a flyer to each household stating when they would start picking up the trash and when we would be getting our new garbage cans. That flyer had pictures that showed how and where the garbage cans should be placed. Only to find out that no you can’t place them on the street as the flyer said to do. They must be placed on the grass. So who in the administration didn’t look at the flyer? Who didn’t find out that the large trash cans placed in the street would be a driving hazard and homeowners could be held responsible if something happened? Now the resident those who didn’t throw the flyer in the garbage think they can place their garbage can on the street not only can, but are being told to do so. A week into this and Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton addressed this via Facebook and other social media trying to get the word out. Weeks later and the administration has promised a new flyer will be sent out with the correct information. That flyer still hasn’t been sent out.

The administration didn’t use the City’s own website to give out information to residents. There is nothing there not on the home page, not on the DPW page nothing. Not surprising considering we don’t have a department to handle the website. We have a contract for IT with the City of Dearborn that does not include doing anything on the website. The Mayor hasn’t in all the years done anything to promote communication with the residents of Dearborn Heights. The Mayor and his administration treat the residents like mushrooms ‘keep them in the dark and feed them you know what.’

Council members are told to direct all concerns to the Mayor’s office. They do over and over on social media, on phone calls, and in replies to e-mail. Only to be called back, or an email sent to them telling them that they were treated rudely when they called. They are told that there isn’t ‘back door service’ offered. That’s true because it was never even looked into by the Mayor’s office. They’re told by the administration that if you want a smaller can you can buy it with a doctor’s note for $40.00. Did the administration take out a map and identify where each school is in the City of Dearborn Heights? No, they didn’t. We have our schools in the middle of neighborhoods on residential streets. Those streets don’t have their garbage picked up on the weekends. So now you have these big cans are all over the streets around the schools where children are dropped off and picked up.

This administration has known for years they wanted to change over to this kind of can and trash collection yet not enough time, effort and little thought was given to ensure a smooth transition. I’ve watched this administration fumble and blunder project after project year after year. Wasting taxpayer money for each mistake they make. No, it’s no secret I don’t like the Mayor (double dipping Dan)  it’s no secret that I think we deserve so much more in a Mayor. No, it’s no secret that I hold him responsible for who he puts in charge of these projects. I hold him responsible for not paying attention to what is happening, in short, the man isn’t doing his job and he alone is responsible for this utter failure.

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3 thoughts on “Residents Of Dearborn Heights Are Like Mushrooms Kept In The Dark And Fed ———–.”

  1. breege, Where do you park your cars? Park them in the garage, and toss out all that old junk. Have more cars than the garage and driveway can handle? How many cars is that?
    3, 4 , 5? Park a couple in the back yard for a day.
    On service days, another option is to park them at the local school, or the local park. Someday, the streets may need to be ‘swept’.. can’t do that with your car in the street…..


  2. And why are Rizzo being treated like snowflakes, we can’t park in the street on trash day, two tickets so far and counting, we have to place the cans in a certain way or no pickup. Where am I expected to park the cars? WM collected trash cans wherever they were placed dodged all of the parked cars, and still somehow managed to provide a good service. I don’t have driveway space for all of our cars, and the whole 7am -7pm is beyond stupid. Where do i go to really voice my displeasure at this state of affairs?


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