What Service Has Dearborn Provided To Dearborn Heights Regarding The Consolidated Dispatch Center?


Hey, Dearborn you might want to have a signed contract first.



What you are looking at was posted on the Keep Our 911 page on Facebook. This is from the City of Dearborn. They have approved Management Information Systems appropriate service fees from Dearborn Heights. Who is this? They are handling our IT services in the City they are a department in the City Dearborn.

 The Management Information Systems Department (MIS) is made up of two divisions known as Computer Services and Communications.  Each of these divisions is made up of units having unique functions.

Based on what is written in number 31. everything is referring to the Consolidated Dispatch Center as far as I can see. Doesn’t say anything about collecting for IT services rendered to the City of Dearborn Heights. If that’s the case what service has Dearborn provided to Dearborn Heights regarding the Consolidated Dispatch Center?  They haven’t that’s what so why are they asking to appropriate service fees from us? At the Mayor’s town hall meeting the salesman from Dearborn said at least once that this wasn’t going to cost the City of Dearborn Heights anything. Dearborn was picking up the tab for all of it.

The City of Dearborn Heights hasn’t voted on a contract with Dearborn yet. We haven’t agreed to move our 911 dispatch to Dearborn so why are they going to ask for money. This isn’t the responsibility of the residents of Dearborn Heights to pay for the expenses of building the Consolidated Control Center. I didn’t see anything for Melvindale. Oh, that’s right they are getting a free ride for five years.  Now could it be that this is for IT services rendered to the City of Dearborn Heights? Maybe, but why wouldn’t they say that? Why is it put on the same line as taking money from the general fund for the consolidation center? These were not two different agenda items.

I hope someone is, Awake on the Council.

Come on the City Council signed a letter of intent that’s it. They were told that there was nothing legally binding no expenses so much for that. City Council please #keepour911


1 thought on “What Service Has Dearborn Provided To Dearborn Heights Regarding The Consolidated Dispatch Center?”

  1. Unbelievable. Somebody needs to get answers for the taxpayers and quick. Elected officials what is your response. I’m embarrassed to live in this city where crap like this goes on.


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