Call The Mayor’s Office.

Attention!!! Attention!!!

Calling the Council members about garbage can concern’s will not help.

I say this because the office of the Mayor has instructed council members that all concerns regarding the trash cans be directed to the Mayor’s office. The City Council doesn’t handle day-to-day operations of the City. Council did not put together the proposal for the bidding process. The council was given two companies to compare their bids, and one company only came to the council table for a vote. That company was the one the Mayor decided to give the contract to. City Council wasn’t aware that there was a service for the elderly and disabled residents trash pick-up. The administration didn’t tell them that they could add that. The administration didn’t even consider this when they went out for bid. The City is not offering any service to the disabled and elderly residents are told they will have to pay for a smaller can. City council members hands are tied and there is little to nothing they can do. The word needs to get out to residents to call the office of the Mayor.

  • Date you called

  • Who you spoke with

  • What was said

While council members are listening to what you are saying and would like to help they can’t. They are not I repeat are not (Passing The Buck) I’ve had people telling me that. No, they are not they simply were told to refer all concerns regarding the trash cans to the Mayor’s office. I know many of you out there know what that is to call the Mayor’s office. I will ask you to do so anyway and to please share what you were told who told you and the date here and on Facebook. I know many are furious with what has happened, but unless we can show that calls have been made to the Mayor’s office as requested by that office I’m afraid nothing is going to happen.

Here’s the number (313) 791-3490



5 thoughts on “Call The Mayor’s Office.”

  1. I’m ashamed of the treatment the taxpayers of this city were treated over this trash can issue. It’s a bunch of crap that no consideration is given to tho folks who pays the mayor and council salaries. Let’s have a protest at city hall so the citizens can be heard. Shame on you Mayor !


  2. 11-15-`6 I talked to k. L at the Mayors office today concerning the garbage cans. I told her I could not put the cans on the grass by the curb because I am disabled. She said it would be ok to put them on the approach, at the bottom of the driveway… I said why do I have to pay extra for a can? She said that you get a big can and it goes to the house, if the house is rented or sold the can stays with the house. If you are disabled you have to purchase the smaller can because if you move the next person that lives there might not be disabled and will not need the can. There is no swapping of cans. You get the big can and if you want a smaller one you have to purchase it. Some are on order. They will be in soon.


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