ADA Complaint Form



Kathy here is a complaint form for people to fill out and send in to the Department of justice If  you are disabled. I called ADA today and they said it is not legal for them to charge us for garbage cans. They also have to make some kind of provisions to get the garbage to the curb.

“Paragraph (f) provides that a public entity may not place a surcharge on a particular individual with a disability, or any group of individuals with disabilities, to cover any costs of measures required to provide that individual or group with the nondiscriminatory treatment required by the Act or this part. Such measures may include the provision of auxiliary aids or of modifications required to provide program accessibility.”

This is Title2 CFR part35 general prohibitions 35.130 paragraph F of the ADA regulations and laws.  It is illegal to charge handicap people for the garbage cans.

A very big thank you to the resident who found this form and shared it with me.

Please Click Here  for the form to send to the Justice Department.


There is no reason the City of Dearborn Heights and this administration can’t do better by the disabled. While most of us are very happy to finally be getting these trash cans other residents are unfairly burdened by these cans. If this administration would have done their job the right way and taken the effort to identified the elderly and disabled in our City this would have been an easy transition. Instead, some residents are left out. This administration made no effort to meet the needs of all residents. This transition should have been in the planning stages two years ago. Why was it done last-minute? Why the rush? Why didn’t the administration add these services to the contract? Did they even ask if they were available?

It’s not just the elderly or the disabled.

Some residents who live on the south end of Dearborn Heights don’t have a driveway they must park their cars on the street. The new ordinance for the City  you can’t park on the street on your garbage day from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. Was there an exception to the parking ordinance for those who don’t have a driveway? No.

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4 thoughts on “ADA Complaint Form”

  1. To each their own I guess, but I would compromise and paint just one half, leaving the side with the code visible. If the city owns them, yet wants me to use them, we should have had a say in the color choice.

    By painting half and not painting half, the side with the blue can be facing the street, the brown or grey side, facing the house, or , when stored, facing the street to look ‘pleasant’. Another option is to just store the garbage container in the garage. This keeps the raccoons out of the picture…..

    What will the city do? After reading all the comments on this site….Absolutely nothing!!!!


  2. You technically can’t paint them. They belong to the city and each one is coded to go with a certain house according to the flyer they sent out. So we’re stuck with the ugly blue.


  3. Noticed the blue garbage bins the other day…..hard not to notice them! Why not grey , or muted green instead? For $5, spray paint the bin whatever color that you want, problem solved. Be sure to use a paint that adheres to plastic…..


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