Wondering How Dearborn Heights Treats Their Senior Citizens?

Here is what one person wrote on the Truth Page on Facebook  this is how she was treated when she called the City for a smaller trash can. Please if you need a can call them make a note of

  •  who you called

  • who you talked with

  • date and time

Please share here or over on our Facebook Page. We need to once and for all expose this administration for what it is.



Senior Citizens Dearborn Heights


2 thoughts on “Wondering How Dearborn Heights Treats Their Senior Citizens?”

  1. If someone said that to me, I am sure I would become ballistic, and that person would not have a job when I got through and I would make sure they never ever forgot me.
    Now, tell me this; why do the seniors and disabled have to pay for a can, while no one else does?
    Oh, and can we talk about ownership of the cans? The people pay taxes, the taxes paid for the cans, but there seems to be some dispute about if GIF or the city owns them….Admin of DH, please stop!! we are not as stupid as you assume we are!!


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