Why Weren’t The Disabled And Elderly Thought About During Our New Waste Contract?


If you’re disabled or elderly what are your options for getting a smaller trash can? What are your options for having ‘Back Door Pick-up?’ Considering the administration didn’t take into account these  residents when they bought the new trash can with taxpayer money.  I would say you’re out of luck unless someone over in *DDD’s office gets on top of this. This is what Deb Eng tried to do seeing there was a real issue here for our elderly and disabled residents.

She bypassed DDD’s office and called Rizzo direct what she found out,


Since the first conversation with Deb on this issue Rizzo is now saying call the DDD’s office. When council members are calling Rizzo they are told ‘call DDD’s office.’ We know why?  Those of us that have watched this administration know who was in charge of this Waste proposal. We know who put together the flyer to be sent out. We know that once again this is just but another failed project by this administration.

photo_70669_20160622Elderly or disabled residents who call the DDD’s office are told,

‘let your neighbor take it out for you.’

Many of us including myself are happy to be getting these new trash cans, but not at the expense of discriminating against residents that are not able to put them to the curb on trash day. Why wasn’t this backdoor service included in the contract signed by City? Why didn’t the administration ask to have it included? Why didn’t the administration identify those who wouldn’t be able to handle this cans? Why because the administration just doesn’t care enough to go that little extra for us. How hard would it have been to send out something to each household asking them to pick the can they want? Yes, the can is assigned to the address and yes maybe a homeowner now wants or needs a small can. Yes maybe that home is sold and a new can needs to be ordered for the new homeowner. This is just shameful…shameful that elderly and disabled residents are now forced to pay for smaller collection cans. Collection cans that they paid for already, but because they are elderly or disabled have to pay again. The heartless and monstrous behavior of this administration is beyond pale . If you know of a neighbor or have a relative who is elderly or disabled you can call GFL  844-GO-GFLUSA / 844-464-3587. 

I ask you to call GFL first even if they are going to tell you (as they’ve beinstructedced to do)  call the *DDD’s office because they need to know the need out here for these cans. If they as a new company want to make a good impression it’s in their best interest to do everything they can for us. It is after all 21 million dollar contract with a six-month clause in that contract if we aren’t satisfied the city can walk away. They should be given the opportunity to make a case for themselves of at least trying.  If you need the Mayor’s office number (313) 791-3490 if  worried as many are the message will never be given to *DDD. Send an email to each council member with the date and who you talked with at DDD’s office.

*DDD Double Dipping Dan

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13 thoughts on “Why Weren’t The Disabled And Elderly Thought About During Our New Waste Contract?”

    Look around. What do you see? Big blue containers. Everywhere.

    When we provided our own containers, everyone had one or two somewhere in their yard. You didn’t notice them because they were inconspicuous. They were green, brown, gray–the colors in nature. Even if they were big, they didn’t stand out. My 33 gallon light green can sat in the driveway by the fence next to a big flower pot. It was close to the back door, but you couldn’t tell it was there. Most of the time all you saw was the planter.

    Now when I look at the back yards on either side of me, I see giant blue cans. And when I look across the street through three more back yards, I see six more–standing at attention. There’s no place fort them to hide.

    Take a drive around and see for yourself. They’re low brow, not classy, and a real turn off for anyone who’d consider buying property here.

    Way to go, guys. We have become a city of dumpsters. You might as well have made them fluorescent.


  2. Thanks for the offer, drheights48127. I have a neighbor who will move the cans out of my front yard; I left them there to make a point.

    The 96 gallon can weighs 35 pounds empty. When I have my groceries delivered, I ask them to never give me a box that weighs more than 20 pounds. Otherwise I won’t be able to get it in the door.

    The new cans are too big and too heavy for me to use to put out my trash (and they weigh more than my trash). Therefore, I will either stockpile my trash until Hell freezes over or put it out the old fashioned way–sans container.

    DPW still has not answered my original email or the follow up email I sent them today when the cans were delivered. That is unacceptable.

    I’m waiting to hear from YOU Dearborn Heights DPW — you’ll know my house by the big blue cans sitting out front.

    I expect a RESPONSE from a city that I’ve paid taxes to for more than 40 years.


  3. Linda there are several people including myself that are willing to come and move them for you. We just don’t have your address. If you would like help please give me your address and I will not post it here or on Facebook, but will find out who is in your area to assist you.


  4. Linda, how ‘giant’ is ‘giant’ with respect to the bins? Are they 4 ft high, roughly 2 feet square?
    Handles and easy pulling wheels.? Those are Dearborn’s bin size, and if you need more than one, just ask. They are designed to be auto lifted by a garbage truck, which is why the bins are all the same size. Ditto for the recyclable bins for glass, cardboard, metal etc. Those are picked up twice a month, not weekly, and , amazingly, are molded in green plastic! Someone in the govt is thinking!


  5. Two GIANT bins were just dropped off on the easement in front of my house. Since I cannot physically move them, as far as I am concerned, they will stay there until someone from the city moves them to a better location.

    I just send DPW this email:

    “Thank you for not answering my original email.

    Two GIANT bins were just dropped off on the easement in front of my house. Since I cannot physically move them, as far as I am concerned, they will stay there until someone from the city moves them to a better location (like outside my back door).



  6. Anonymous
    When you pick a name to use doesn’t have to be your real name use that same name with every comment. I will post what you are writing until you do so the rules and you can read them on the comment page state no more anonymous. ‘Another Anonymous’ is a screen name used by someone here for years so make sure you don’t use the same name. You can call yourself ‘Tree’ if you like just use a name and stay with it.


  7. Good to know the City of Dearborn cares as much for their residents as Dearborn Heights. Lee, I’m sure if you were told that you had to pay for something that you have already paid for because you are elderly or disabled you wouldn’t accept that. ACT 99 was used to buy these cans these are not cans supplied by GFL these are cans now owned by the City. Taxpayer money was used and the City will be paying interest on this money again Taxpayer money my point and many others as well if we are paying for it then why wasn’t a survey done? Why wasn’t a letter with an explanation sent out and options for the resident to pick the size can they wanted?


  8. I sent this email to DPW on October 26th. I’m still waiting for an answer:

    “I am a senior citizen who will have trouble moving those GIANT bins down to the curb and back up my driveway.

    What kind of assistance will you provide for people like me?



  9. In Dearborn, all the cans are the same size, and they are ‘free’. Need help? I help neighbors that ask, and how much trouble is it to roll out a trash can twice a month?


  10. I guess they really can’t say much if #DDD isn’t going to answer for his mess and if his assistant who was in charge of this isn’t going to stand up and say something what can the council say. Even council members are being told not to call Rizzo/GFL and they are overstepping when they try to help a resident. His assistant has no problem taking from the back of the room when she feels like interjecting some information not sure why this would be any different. Maybe it is because they messed up and don’t know how to fix it. #PPP piss poor planning.


  11. We have so many issues in this city. It is unbelievable. Most days it has my head spinning with how #DDD keeps his job. He could care less about the residents. I’m still fighting to try to find a way to take care of those disabled and elderly residents. It’s an uphill battle because the Mayors office is unwilling to listen. I spoke about it at last nights City Council meeting and all I got was silence and no answers as usual. My next move is to contact Patrick Dovigi at Rizzo and see what we can get done. I’m very disappointed with Mary Jo from Rizzo because she was as disgusted with the Mayors office charging seniors and disabled residents for the carts as I was. She said that Rizzo would provide, free of charge, the smaller carts for our seniors and disabled. But all we get is the runaround now because #DDD is involved.


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