Double Dipping Dan.



At the last meeting of October 2016, City Council voted to let the  Mayor retire. That’s right Mayor Dan Paletko of Dearborn Heights retired, but wait not so fast he’s still our Mayor. How you, ask? Well because the clever man put together an ordinance that gave him the right to retire, get his pension, stay in office and collect a salary. This ordinance benefited the Mayor and two other employees of the City.  Sold to the council with the explanation that this will Save Us Money. Never mind that the Mayor is an elected official, but considered an ’employee’ I don’t understand how he can’t be fired in any way other than the residents vote him out of office. This passed and you, me all of us had no say. We didn’t get to say no we don’t want this man to stay in our City if he want’s his pension let him retire and leave. No that didn’t happen. How much is the Mayor getting a year now? Some say close to $100,000.00 a year. It’s not about the money for me anyway it’s not. It’s about this man who does nothing for us this man who play’s endless games to get what he want’s. This man who put together an ordinance that has lasting effects on our City decided he wanted his cake and eat it too. This man who will do anything he want’s when he want’s to.

The practice has come under fire not just because of the cost of paying both a pension and a salary to the same person. It also can strain public pension funds because the rehired retirees draw from them but do not contribute while taking the place of workers who otherwise would be paying into the system. Source: Double-dip incomes

Now do you think DDD was thinking about this when he put together this nice ordinance for his self? No way this person thinks of no one except his self and well maybe his assistant. Other than that ‘DDD’ has no time to think of anyone else, not the residents, not the pension system of Dearborn Heights. No DDD doesn’t have time for that it’s onward and upward for Double Dipping Dan. He’s looking ahead to the 2017 election oh yes sir he sure is. Why not? Just think about it would you give up two salaries from one place. Give up getting those salaries for another four years? No, I don’t think so. I don’t know how all of you feel about this, but I know come next year when #DDD runs for re-election I won’t be voting for him.

#TTP #WeDeserveBetter #DDD #DoubleDippingDan


2 thoughts on “Double Dipping Dan.”

  1. The citizens deserve so much more then what this administration is doing for us. He doesn’t deserve the salary he gets let alone double dipping. That is absolutely ridiculous. And I believe good ole Marge said before the vote that what she worries about is the Mayor retiring. PLEASE retire. It’s time for Dan to go along with Marge and Joe. They no longer care what’s best for the citizens, they only care about themselves and saying yes to Danny Boy. They must go. If we ban together we can boot them out!!!


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