Timing Is Important When You Spend 22 Million.

Mayors, assistant reports to City Council she is working on the *RFP request for proposal language in January.

According to the RFP cover letter submitted by Rizzo, they received the posting of the City of Dearborn Heights RFP-Bid specifications in May.

RFPs submitted to the City of Dearborn Heights in June.

City Council study session in August with Rizzo and Waste Management answering questions, as requested by the City Council

Council Votes on Rizzo to award them the bid in late September 4-3 vote in favor of awarding that bid to them. Rizzo was the only company voted on by the Council. Rizzo was the recommendation of the Mayor. The No votes are Councilman Muscat, Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton and Councilman Abdallah.

Once the bid is awarded, the company begins planning, buying new trucks, hiring drivers, support staff, and preparing information flier for Dearborn Heights residents.

Press release October 3rd that Rizzo has been bought by GFL a Canadian company.

Rizzo FBI investigation breaks on or about October 19 after the city council has voted to award them the bid read the post here 

On October 18th the city council has Rizzo come before them to ask them more questions about the buyout and the FBI investigation.

City Council asked the Mayor enlight of all the new information to put together a backup plan. At the October 18th meeting, there was supposed to be another special meeting called for that Friday. That meeting never happened.

From the October 18th meeting before the October 25th at least 4 different stories broke  about the FBI investigation surrounding Rizzo.

October 25th meeting was to approve the contract at this meeting the company who bought Rizzo GFL was there. Council members didn’t request to hear from them. From my understanding, several didn’t even know they were going to be there until they received their agenda packets. When Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton asked the Mayor what is the Backup plan? He said there isn’t one. At one point after the council voted ‘No’, they didn’t want Rizzo now GFL the Mayor said this is bordering on irresponsible. This coming from the man who orchestrated this mess in the first place.

If Rizzo hadn’t been sold off to a Canadian company and wasn’t under investigation this wouldn’t have been an issue. The 4 to 3 vote would have stood as is.

* Request for proposal the (RFP) given to one council person. When requested by another council person the assistant to the mayor stated the file is too large to send electronically and there was too much paper to print it. This council person and one other went to City Hall to read the master RFP from both Waste Management and Rizzo. One council member sat for six hours comparing the two companies.

Update: More in the news about Rizzo/GFL 



5 thoughts on “Timing Is Important When You Spend 22 Million.”

  1. I dropped by Dearborn City Hall and asked about the issue of aiding Dearborn Hts with their website. Dearborn is waiting for a call…..

    Just in case anyone in DH wants to make the call , or email, here is the contact info.

    Doug – Director of Information Services

    The ball has been tossed to DH….who is going to toss it back???


  2. This is something different but why is the city letting people place election signs on city property.Why is our ordinance dept doing.Take the sign off city property and LEOS coney island sign. Wake ORDINANCE DEPT YOUR GETTING LAZY.


  3. Very few people on my street put out their trash today. We have not received our new bins. A truck came by at 8:am and it was not clear which kind of trash they were picking up (yard waste, recyclables, or household).
    Not a good start.


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