They Can’t Make The Phones Work Right, But They Want To Do Our 911 Dispatch.


Right now the City of Dearborn Heights has a contract with Dearborn to handle our IT. We have a card swiper system for some doors at City Hall approved months ago paid with taxpayer money and still Dearborn hasn’t managed to get these to work. Dearborn hasn’t been able to figure out how to the phone system to work. We’ve had them working for us for two years now and still when someone calls from City Hall no matter the department what you see on your phone the Clerks office. Why?

This is the same City who now comes to us with 911 dispatch the City of Dearborn now wants all of us to entrust our lives to them and outsource our 911 dispatch to them.  A City that after two years can’t get the phones to work.  I don’t think so and if there is a council member that is going to vote to outsource our 911 I hope they aren’t planning on running again. No need to think that they would be handling our 911 dispatch any different then how they are handling our IT now.


9 thoughts on “They Can’t Make The Phones Work Right, But They Want To Do Our 911 Dispatch.”

  1. You seem to forget, Mr. Jacobsen, that this is DH. You also seem to forget that the ones complaining – once again – are the residents. As I said – NOTHING WILL GET DONE UNTIL JOE, MARGE AND DAN ARE GONE. This has nothing to do with Dearborn’s IT Department.


  2. If Dearborn Hts is frustrated with Dearborn’s services with respect to creating and improving a city website, terminate their services and go elsewhere. I know at least 3 services that I use that could do it very quick, and probably for a lot less $$.

    It is called competition, and service. Don’t perform? Find someone who does.

    Can’t do that with Obamacare, can we? No decent competition…..


  3. I really wonder what’s going on. Why is it the Dearborn is so well run? Why is it that Dearborn has a wonderful, up-to-date website like nothing DH has seen? I don’t believe – and no one will convince me – that if we deployed Dearborn’s IT Department to do what they’ve done so well for Dearborn, that we’d have all that, too. And after reading Marge’s response to me about the vote for the new garbage contract, do you really thing that contacting the mayor or the people that sit on the left side of the council table will make a difference? NOTHING WILL EVER GET DONE UNTIL JOE, MARGE AND DAN ARE GONE.


  4. Perhaps you are right, and the ‘run-around’ is being played. Time to switch to either emails or text, and create a record that can be later shown to someone higher up in the food chain. Right now…you have nothing…..


  5. Phone tag? Calls to Dbn ARE made about the phone problems. The answer always is that a new phone system will “soon” be installed. Maybe your friend isn’t privy to what is actually happening.


  6. The answer is simple. DH has to use a phone, and call Dearborn. My friends at Dearborn say no one has called from Dearborn Hts that they know about. Seems like phone tag to me…..


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