An Orchestrated Sabotage Council Meeting Brought To You By Council Chair Bob Constan and The Mayor Of Dearborn Heights.

Those of us who have watched the Mayor operate know all too well how he does things. Members of the Council know even the new members by now know how the Mayor does things. What happened at the 10-25-2017 City Council meeting was on a whole nother level. What I saw played out was a well thought out orchestrated sabotage of the Council Meeting. Council chair stopped any mention of Waste Management from the Council members who asked to hear from them. Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton and Councilman Abdallah asked on more than one occasion to hear what they had to offer. On the other hand for the first time, ever a vendor is allowed at a study session to re-negotiate their contract at the podium while in the process of addressing the Council. Corporation counsel then put that language in the contract and had the vendor agree to it on the spot. Council Chair when Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton asked to hear from our Treasurer on the numbers that he said didn’t add-up. Council Chair shut her down cold.

The Treasurer who was supposed to be at the last study session to discuss these numbers and wasn’t present. He had another engagement that he could not get out of. He went on to say that the first time he was aware that he was asked to be at the study session was when he saw it on the agenda. The Treasurer was at  10-25-2017 council meeting,  but wasn’t allowed by Council Chair to address the Council.  When asked if there is a backup plan the Mayor said I don’t have one. Well of course not even though the Council asked him at the last study session to put one together in light of recent events. He didn’t do it he was never going to do one because he wanted Rizzo. Council Chair and the Mayor hand-in-hand made sure that Rizzo was the only option there was they put the Council in a position of you either Vote for this or garbage will be left in our streets. While we are all busy including myself laying the balm for all this at the feet of Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton we are missing what happened at this council meeting.

There was a deal made somewhere somehow for someone plain and simple. Council Chair made it very obvious whose side he comes down on and that side is the Mayor’s. While the rest of us are playing by the rules the Mayor and Council Chair are making sure the Mayor gets what he wants ‘Rizzo.’ While we are busy being pissed off at the vote we aren’t asking the big question why? Why is the Mayor insisting on Rizzo? Why in light of all that has come out in just a week was he unwilling to pull the contract for consideration by the council? Why did Council Chair insistent that Waste Management  wouldn’t be heard from. Why didn’t the Council Chair have the special meeting last Friday to bring in Rizzo and Waste Management? Who told him not to? Why wasn’t Waste Management’s six-month extension put on the agenda last night by the Council Chair? Why didn’t the Mayor come up with a back-up plan as instructed by the Council? Why didn’t Council Chair bring that up at last nights meeting?

Folks a lot more happened last night then just a yes vote by the council. What happened last night was,


deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct (something), especially for political or military advantage.

The Mayor was willing to let our garbage go uncollected WHY? The Mayor was willing to have nothing in place even when instructed to do so think about that folks. Why? What deal did the Council Chair make with the Mayor to obstruct and sabotage a council meeting?  What really happened here? We will never know I’m sure of that. What I do know is I’m angry and I know all of you are too let’s make sure we direct that angry in the right direction.

Did Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton ‘flip-flop’ on her vote? Yes, she did and she I’m sure isn’t happy that she had to do that. I say this because I think after hearing at that table last night that the Mayor had no backup plan she didn’t want to have the residents pay the price for piss poor leadership. I’m sure Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton wouldn’t put it in those words, but I will and I did and I believe that the Mayor was willing to let our garbage sit in the streets uncollected. I don’t think Council Chair had any intention of having a special meeting about this. When he had all of last week to call one he didn’t. Giving even less time to the council to make a decision on this. I don’t think for one minute that if there was a special meeting called that there would have been any other outcome, but the one we have now.

Think about what was said last week at the study session with Rizzo it was all about the company being bought out by a Canadian company. Councilwoman Horvath was all upset about that last week. When the owner of that same Canadian company comes in to talk with them crickets from the Councilwoman. When that same Councilwoman starts off by saying at this last council meeting 10-25-2017 that she has received so many calls from residents all saying they don’t want Rizzo. So what does she do votes yes anyway. Nice move right? No this caked was backed long ago we just didn’t know it. We didn’t think at least I didn’t think the Council Chair would go so far to make sure the Mayor got what he wanted. The why is still unknown maybe one of you has the answer I don’t.


3 thoughts on “An Orchestrated Sabotage Council Meeting Brought To You By Council Chair Bob Constan and The Mayor Of Dearborn Heights.”

  1. LHC realizes the steps she took and has explained why she took them. What she didn’t realize was that the council chair and the mayor, were not working in the process for the residents. There is some reason why council chair slipped into the darkness of the mayor’s shadow, I only wish I knew what it was. Maybe I was blind to this and it is the way it has been in the past. I certainly didn’t expect him to act as he did at that last meeting. But understand this, council chair. You have lost trust with the residents. I have had many calls in the past two days from residents who watched the “feed” and the televised meeting. The discussion has turned to the “wants of the mayor” and “why did council chair act as he did”. I don’t have the informed answer to that, but I am willing to hear from anyone who does know. In the meantime, we are unwilling to accept decisions made by either of them. Now it isn’t about Rizzo or GFL, not anymore. It is about the low down activities of two people who should have the residents needs up front.


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