More Rizzo News

Dovigi said the company’s board of directors and legal counsel are reviewing several options, including whether to buy out the Rizzos’ current stake in GFL, which he said amounts to less than 0.5 percent of the Toronto-based company, or whether to pursue litigation.

He also would not confirm whether Rizzo was “Cooperating Human Source 1,” the contractor employee who assisted federal agents in getting evidence against Freitas and Reynolds according to court documents, and said GFL is still investigation the matter.

But GFL was already planning to retire the Rizzo name within the next several months and rebrand the local operation to GFL Envorinmental USA.

“To be clear, we were always planning to rebrand the (local) company to GFL Environmental,” Dovigi said. “The timeline to do this was a bit longer, (before) this, but now we are pushing (more) quickly to eliminate the brand.”

Read the whole depressing story here. 

Now what Mr. Mayor? No more Rizzo now it will be GFL trucks up and down our streets. At the last City Council Study Session nothing was going to change they told us. I see in just a week how much can change Mr. Mayor are you still pushing for this? Council members are you going to step up and do the right thing? We all know #joemustgo doesn’t give a Rats you know what, but we do care.



2 thoughts on “More Rizzo News”

  1. If this isn’t a done deal, why did I get a newsletter from Rizzo and the first line is: Welcome to Rizzo Environmental Services, Southeast Michigan’s family-owned and operated full service solid waste provider for over 50 years……The second paragraph states: AS YOU AR NOW AWARE, THE DEARBORN HEIGHTS CITY COUNCIL HAS SELECTED RIZZO SERVICES AS YOUR NEW SOLID WASTE PROVIDER…… Did everyone get their newsletter from Rizzo? I was under the impression that the council HADN’T voted yet. WTH?


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