Rizzo Oh Rizzo


You can watch the Facebook Live video from last night’s Dearborn Heights Study Session Here. This is a closed group so you might have to join to watch because it’s a closed group I can share the address but can not embed the video here.

This video is from a Southfield council meeting and this resident has many concerns about Rizzo. I post this because at last night’s Dearborn Heights City Council meeting Rizzo was all about how they didn’t do anything wrong and that they are cooperating with authorities. Yes, they are after getting caught. As one resident pointed out this is how it’s done and business caught do just what Rizzo is doing.

Does the City of Dearborn Heights want to be associated with a company that is doing business this way? What does that say about the people that are running our City if we do still go ahead and sign the contract with them knowing what we know? Do we want to do business with a company that is no longer a Michigan owned company? Councilwoman Horvath sure doesn’t and she made that very clear last night saying over and over again that this company no matter what you say is owned by a Canadian Company. #Joemustgo just did what he always does this is no big deal and this doesn’t matter. Well,CM Joe, it matters to us, but you wouldn’t know about that because you don’t and haven’t given a crap about the ‘Us’ in the City. What does that say about your Councilman? Not much except you are willing to overlook all the bad for this company why?

Mary Jo from Rizzo is on a first name basis with all the council members referring to them by their first names over and over again. By doing this she right out the gate is putting them on the same level as herself as if she isn’t the vendor and they aren’t the ones she’s courting to do business with. She was aggressive and insulting to several council members calling them out for their beliefs. In one exchange she say’s to Councilwoman Horvath ‘Marge’ why do you have such a problem with a Candian company Canida does this and this for us.  You should watch the video to see all the rest of what this representative did.


Mary Jo had no problem over and over again talking about Waste Management in the most negative terms she could find. It was a disgusting display. Waste Management was allowed to speak after everything, but the representative from Waste Management was a professional and handled himself that way. Not refuting point by point the slanderous things that were said about his company. Only saying that they would be willing to extend the existing contract with Dearborn Heights and work with them to get this sorted out. The contract with Waste Management is up November 1st when Rizzo is set to take over.  Waste Management has lost several contracts to Rizzo in the past few years. Is it any wonder considering how Rizzo according to the investigation does business.


Rizzo Corruption, Dearborn Heights

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2 thoughts on “Rizzo Oh Rizzo”

  1. I had to laugh when the camera panned over the council members sitting at the table and I saw a white-haired man with his head back and he looked like he was sleeping. I thought – Oh. They have a Joe, too. Now to Rizzo. It seems a little strange to me that Rizzo is getting everything – not just our city but several more. No one is THAT good. It seems also from reading the attached article by Dominic Tringali that Rizzo is low-balling all its bids to get the contracts. Then what happens? Do we continue to go out for bids after the contract is up? Or do we just go with the status quo? Another thing I want to mention. Several years ago we were having a problem with Canadian companies coming in and depositing hazardous waste in our landfills. Ontario also doesn’t have a refund law for plastic bottles. What I’m afraid of is that Canada will start dumping their waste through Rizzo into our landfills. If we refund for plastic bottles but Ontario does not, does that mean we’ll be getting theirs? These are important questions that should be answered BEFORE we sign with Rizzo. And if we have signed and we now find that they’re owned by a Canadian company that wasn’t divulged to us until after the signing, I do believe we can get out of it.


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