Other Cities Actually Practice Our Motto.

Dearborn Parks

Dearborn Parks

What you are seeing here is from ‘The Back Fence’ The City of Dearborn official newsletter.  The City of Dearborn as you can see received grant funds from Wayne County. The City of Dearborn Heights years ago received these funds to put in our own splash park. I’m not sure if we’ve gotten funds since then. Our Commissioner is the one who would be putting in for those funds. Our Commissioner could only put in for these funds if there was a project in the first place. The City of Dearborn Heights big project was to put in another tennis court. The Crowley Park playscape included the input of residents. What? Say it isn’t so the City worked with the neighborhood residents and they had a seat at the table for what they wanted. Zip lines, Walking and Biking trails, and the fourth splash pad. Just in case you are wondering we have one splash park no zip lines and to my knowledge no walking or biking trails. Well, we do have sidewalks so I should be fair.


This is from that same newsletter several things here. The Department is ‘City’s Property Maintenance and Development Services Department.’ Residents can check to see if a house on their street is registered. They can do that online. Property owners can register online and the City is collecting contact information including email addresses so they can quickly contact property owners about concerns. No the City of Dearborn Heights doesn’t have any of this. We get ordinance sweeps want to know about a property you have to go to City Hall. That’s what one resident had to do last week about a construction site. She had to talk to two different departments at City Hall. She posted a video on Facebook and told the story there.

As City’s around us have advanced to the 21st century sad to say the City of Dearborn Heights hasn’t and we won’t with this administration. There are those on our City Council who are bound and determined to make sure we don’t advance. While the City of Dearborn Heights has the motto ‘City With A Future.’ Other City’s actually practice our motto.

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3 thoughts on “Other Cities Actually Practice Our Motto.”

  1. No need for discreet inquiries this has been going on for a very long time and this administration and some on council have no intention of doing anything. Dearborn can only to what they are asked to do and this Mayor isn’t asking and won’t sadly this is what we’ve been dealing with for years. There is, however, a ray of hope next year several on council are up for re-election and three of the four up need to go. The Mayor is also up and he can just do us all a very big favor and go home. The City of Dearborn Heights needs individuals that are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work on making a City with a future. Not just roll up their sleeves for a photo on campaign literature. Until we have the right group of individuals in place to do that we are just going through the motions. In 2015 we put in place some of those who are interested in seeing the city get to the 21st century but we still have some that need to be replaced. All things start at the top and the top in this City has no interest in doing any of the things that need to get done. Well except outsourcing then he’s all in on that otherwise, we just wait and wait and wait.


  2. I remember sitting at a Council meeting a year or more ago when a new website was brought up and lo and behold our mayor agreed. Now, one would think that something – by now – would have been done but those of us in the know, know that that’s just his way of “blowing us off” yet again. Do we have a new website? No. Are there plans for a new website? No. I don’t believe that “discreet inquiries” will help when the administration is at fault. Unless or until we get a new mayor and some new council members, DH will stay in the past.


  3. Great post DR! To follow up, some cities. (like Dearborn) welcome residents and their input.

    For instance, I was interested in Dearborn’s 30 year plan. I asked about it at city Hall. Next thing I know, I get an invite and now can attend the meetings on same.

    Regarding bike trails etc, there are State mandated funds, (i.e. bike trails 2% of tax budget) put aside as available grants, as you relate, that is there for the asking by cities. However, you do need a proposal to do the asking with.

    In Dearborn, there are the bike clubs that want the roads to be shared, bike paths downtown etc .
    However, having the main drag of West Dearborn cruising at 40mph, that makes such a view unsafe.
    I am working to get Mich Ave slowed down, say to 25 mph, to duplicate Grand River in Farmington, Plymouth road in Plymouth, main st in Northville….not forever, just a 6-8 block stretch like the other cities. Also to allow parallel parking, so one can enter the front of businesses once again.

    Doing this will allow customers to see businesses, rather than zip on by. Customers can sit on the sidewalks, more comfortable at 25 mph that 40 mph a few feet away. And finally, cyclists can ride around with a little more safety at slower speeds. It would help to have some bike racks. Riding a bike is healthy , and an excuse to ride downtown for a treat or two. This is what I am pushing in Dearborn. You would not believe the ‘push back’. Not sure why…..

    Five blocks away is the world renowned Greenfield Village, which draws 2 million visitors from around the world per year. Do you think Dearborn , with a New Amtrak station that stops at the Village, would promote this asset? Nothing…….like talking to a brick wall……
    However, not to give up. Common sense will prevail.

    Dearborn Hts has a more difficult image….there is no downtown, Right?

    Anyway, bike path money is there for the taking, propose a plan an apply…..start with bike racks for businesses and progress from there…..

    Any word on working out the confusion on who or what is happening with Dearborn helping DH with their website? Shall i make some ‘discreet’ inquiries??


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