Mr. Mayor.


Just how I feel about this man I want him to be silent he is on the verge of getting his pension and continue being our Mayor. He won’t have to leave our City  he is going to get what he want’s. So this is what I want from him for the next year.

  • Don’t run for re-election GO AWAY.
  • Don’t bring the contract to outsource our 911 dispatch. Just do it use what- ever excuse you have to hell just tell the truth for once. It’s not good for the City.
  • Bring in Waste Management to remove our trash Yes do the right thing get rid of your wonderful selection Rizzo.
  • Open our City back up to five days a week.
  • Let council in on the negotiations of labor contracts stop doing your end run with this subject.
  • Be Silent

#ttp #wedeservebetter


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