Cause And Effect Of Out Sourcing 911 Dispatch.

911 dispatch dearborn heightsIn the case of our 911 dispatch discussion of a contract with the City πŸŒƒ of Dearborn cause and effect of this discussion is already having an effect. The reaction isn’t a good one for any of us. We are down to five yes five dispatchers. They are leaving as fast as they can because of this contract that hasn’t been presented to the City of Dearborn Heights yet. Those who have left I’m sure felt this is a done deal the contract hasn’t been signed yet but many are worried 😩 for their jobs. Who can blame them? The 911 dispatch out-source proposal shouldn’t have been brought before the council. The letter of intent shouldn’t have been agreed on by the council. These actions have created what we have now a dispatch center run with five dispatchers and who else? Police officers I would suspect and for how long? When the City of Dearborn came before the council and the residents of the City of Dearborn Heights they made it clear well kind of clear that they think, they hope, it should be ready to go by June of 2017 yes June. We already have dispatchers leaving and something that if we signed off on today still wouldn’t be operational until next June. The City council of Dearborn has yet to sign off on this and our dispatchers are leaving. Has the City posted the job? Is our Mayor just going to leave these positions unfilled?

This is what happens when you don’t have your ducks in a row. This is what happens when you hide your planning from the Council and the Residents of the City. When you plan in secret for two years on a proposal and you haven’t even paid an ounce of respect to the residents of the city and at the very least did a survey.Β  This is what happens when you arrogantly run a city as if you are a dictator and everyone else should just fall in line because you said so. This is what happens when you still have ‘some’ council members that will do anything to please the Mayor even if those decisions put the rest of us in danger. I would say that we as a city thanks to Mayor Dan Paletko are now just that. Maybe ‘Joe Must Go’ can head on over to the dispatch center and staff 911 dispatch until this is resolved. How about you ‘Mayors Pocket Vote’ do you want to staff the phones over at dispatch?






12 thoughts on “Cause And Effect Of Out Sourcing 911 Dispatch.”

  1. DR, good insight, but , bottom line, personnel is a decision and the responsibility of the City administrators, not the residents. The city needs to act, and find qualified applicants….


  2. They have left Lee gone and we are down to five those are facts they are not sitting in the shadows waiting to leave. They are not sitting back hatching a plan. We now have police officers who I’m sure didn’t sign up to be sitting answering 911 phone calls they are police officers. This is going to cost a fortune in Over-Time. What does the Mayor care ass long as he can do his friend a solid and get that space filled at the new Dearborn City Hall? That is if Dearborn City Council signs off on the proposal and they haven’t yet they sure haven’t brought this before Dearborn residents so they can have a say.


  3. Deb, There are plenty of qualified candidates out there in the work force for 911 dispatch.

    I can’t prove it , but I hire lots of people, and money talks. You want better candidates, more of them?

    Then offer more money. The candidates do have things to consider besides money, as DR points out, but that is part of the equation of hiring someone……give and take, risk taken and rewards reaped, by both sides.

    The process of hiring employees is not like parking a car, or combing one’s hair. Employees have the ‘free will’ to quit anytime they want to. Employers have the free will to terminate them at any time., per fed guidelines of course.

    Bottom line, let’s see if any 911 dispatchers actually leave, perhaps they are ‘negotiating’ with one of the cards being ‘job insecurity’.


  4. So true Deb who would want to come in to fill a position with no job security? Not many if any for sure I still can’t understand how the council voted on this letter of intent if only they would have Just Said No. Then again we are talking about the same most of them who will do anything the Mayor ask them to do. Been going on for years and won’t stop until the Mayor is gone and those who don’t care for the residents on the council are voted off the council. #vote2017 #takebackourcity.


  5. This is what I’m doing along with a Facebook Page and trying to get the word out to residents come next year election time voting this Mayor and some on city council out of office. I’m not alone in this there are many now who are going to work hard to make sure we take back our City from those who don’t care for it. I know I’ve heard it before I’ve given ‘insert number’ of years in service to the City. What kind of service have you given? How will you be remembered? How do you want to be remembered? These are all questions to those who have been on the council for years and done nothing but ridicule residents, voted yes to the Mayors every whim. To the Mayor who has done nothing to make sure this City has a future his tenure has taken us Back To The Future in more ways than one.


  6. The issue is , is that there are not enough qualified candidates for this very stressful job. We are losing our good people because this 911 takeover bullcrap is still hanging around. It should have been already voted on and voted down. We will not find people to fill these open positions because they want job security.


  7. DR, Like I said, and I have viewed the youtube stuff, it’s a matter of city administration.
    It doesn’t matter what you say, It matters β€˜what you do’ …:}


  8. Please take a look πŸ‘€ at the Dearborn Heights city council on YouTube and then come back and comment or take a look at the keep our 911 page on Facebook. Either one to understand what is going on. This has put our City in A very bad position all credit for this crap πŸ’© can be laid at the feet of the Mayor of DH.


  9. DH , Qualified people leave for other jobs all the time, and for various reasons.
    They need to be replaced with other ‘ qualified’ people.

    There are plenty of applicants out there, time for the city to find them if the dispatchers we have now have an ‘urge’ to move on.

    A statement that applies to both 911 dispatchers and Presidential Candidates…..

    It doesn’t matter what you say, It matters ‘what you do’ …:}


  10. Huh! Joe must go on the Dispatch Line? Can you imagine what he’d say to some calling in? Perhaps he’d be like that dispatcher in Boston who was heard to say – we don’t have time for this. Doesn’t that sound like Joe – that is – if he could stay awake long enough to answer the phone. I DO SO hope people get fed up with a mayor and council who never listen to us and I also hope someone else runs against them. It’s WAY PASSED time for a change. I’ll also say this to ANYONE who wants to run. You need to be PRO-ACTIVE and ACTIVE in the city and at the council meetings like Ray Muscat was for years. People aren’t going to vote for you if they don’t know who they are. We had one person running for office who was intelligent and savvy as to city politics and would have been a big plus to the council but this person never showed up at a council meeting so they weren’t known to anyone in the city except for a few of us. Needless to say they lost. Start now and visit the senior centers and show up at the council meetings. We need new people to take over this city so that we can be heard. The only thing those running for office hear is our vote and then they ignore us like they don’t owe us anything.


  11. ” This is what happens when you arrogantly run a city as if you are a dictator and everyone else should just fall in line because you said so. This is what happens when you still have β€˜some’ council members that will do anything to please the Mayor even if those decisions put the rest of us in danger.”

    Do you know what else we have in America? The right of free will, the right to leave a job and take another. That’s what the dispatchers can do.

    No big deal. Dearborn Heights can hire new dispatchers, right?

    With our incredible education system pushing a College curriculum, and no ‘shop classes’, there should be plenty of capable applicants out there that can answer a phone.

    Now if you need a plumber, or electrician, well, our education system fails them early on.

    How to fix? Take a look at what the rest of the world does. At around 7th grade, students will be more prone to either the academics or hands-on skills. That is when they should be encouraged to make a career choice, instead of forcing students to learn what they despise.

    An example is the stadium in Detroit , being fined for not having enough Detroit skilled workers, despite lowering the passing standard to 26%. Remember when a passing grade was 70%?

    Regarding 911 dispatchers, we can always follow Detroit Stadium’s lead and lower the standards.

    That would be only necessary if the applicants were all from Detroit….which won’t be the case.

    Haven’t the Democrats been in charge all these decades? Why aren’t our kids smarter??


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