Council Members You Should Be Careful What You Say Before Council Meetings.

You never know who can hear you that’s just what happened at last night’s council meeting. Last night’s council meeting was packed with students and parents from D7. They were there to thank our police and fire departments for all they did in regards to the quadruple homicide in our City. A parent who got in contact with me was very upset to hear Councilwoman Horvath trash talking Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton to two other council members. The parent said that Councilwoman Horvath was mad because Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton had gone behind her back and she was doing all of this because she wanted the attention from the media. Yes, the media was at the council meeting and yes they aired a story about it last night on the news. All good things right? Not according to Councilwoman Horvath she apparently thought that Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton orchestrated the whole event so she could take credit for it. According to what the parent told me.  The parent went on to tell me that they called Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton with the idea they had and asked for her help.

Next call I made was to Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton and I asked her what if anything had happened last night at the council meeting. She told me how wonderful the kids were and that the room was packed and that was so nice to see. I asked her why the room was full? She told me that they were all there to thank the police and fire for all they had done surrounding the recent tragedy in our City.  She went on to tell me that someone at D7 school had called her with the idea and she was happy to have helped facilitate it. She went on to say that she was surprised but very happy that someone had called media and they showed up. She then went on to tell me that Councilwoman Horvath had a good idea to hang the drawings from the students in the entrance way of City Hall. She went on to tell me that I could probably find the news report online.

Many things said by Councilwoman Horvath about Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton have gotten back to me residents, fellow Kiwanis members, employees of the City have talked to me about it. Not one thing that has gotten back to me has been good. I don’t know why and I don’t understand why she has and absolute hate for Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton. This time, it did get to me. This was an event for the police and fire and children that I’m sure are trying to understand why such a thing could happen. This was a way to help these kids cope with what happened. This was a school and the students and their parents of that school getting involved in a positive way. Only to have it ruined ‘for one parent at least’ because she had to overhear such a conversation.

I didn’t tell Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton any of this if she heard any of it last night she didn’t say so to me. I asked the parent if Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton was in the room she said, “she was sitting right there and Councilwoman Horvath was talking so loud I’m not sure how she couldn’t have heard it.” I spent a long time on the phone with this parent today  When I hung up with her this morning I wasn’t sure if I was going to write this post or not. The more I thought about it the more disappointed I became. We are all human we can’t be expected to like every person we come in contact with throughout our lives. I just thought that maybe after all these years Councilwoman Horvath would have found a way to at least be civil apparently not.

So to all Council members remember people can hear you some people will talk about what they hear. Those on the council doing the talking about their fellow council members STOP.

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3 thoughts on “Council Members You Should Be Careful What You Say Before Council Meetings.”

  1. 2017 can’t come soon enough! The dead weight needs to be removed from the council!
    But yet the Mayor is honoring two council people for their years of service, come on that lunch is for their YES votes and nothing more, if people overheard Marge talking I’m sure the mayor did and he should have put a stop to her ignorant behavior.


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