I Wish Someone Would Invent Something That Would Allow The Councils Conversation To Be Amplify.

You know I was saying to a good friend of mine while having a chat that I wish someone would invent something that could be put on the walls of the council chamber that would let all of us hear. Something that would amplify what the council members are saying into their mics at the council table. I’m not sure, but we are in the 21st century 2016 I think someone could come up with that device. We have these amazing thing called a cell phone that we can record video with and even do that live to Facebook now. Yet the Council Chamber still doesn’t have something that will amplify the conversation at the council table into the Council Chamber.

Oh, wait we do have something like that it’s called a speaker. Look at these surround sound speakers from Logitech logitech-speakers

Come on Dearborn Heights we can do better. #TTP #wcdb


7 thoughts on “I Wish Someone Would Invent Something That Would Allow The Councils Conversation To Be Amplify.”

  1. The Mayor, the Mayor, the Mayor is the person in charge of having Dearborn do or not do a new website. Dearborn is doing what they are asked to do nothing more nothing less. Nothing will change until the residents of Dearborn Heights change it.


  2. If there is a contract between Dearborn and Dearborn Hts for computer assistance, who is responsible at DH to follow through with Dearborn to get that assistance.?

    Dearborn is apparently able and willing, but Dearborn is not the city in need of assistance, so would not it seem logical that Dearborn Hts, who contracted for the assistance, would be the one to start the ball rolling and ask for it?

    How? Simple questions, like, how can we make the site more friendly for our residents, such as handling garage sale permits on line, police incident reports on line, basic complaints of noise etc on line? If they are already on line, (I haven’t looked) then questions can go to a higher level…..should be simple….

    Who at DH city hall is responsible for flicking that switch, starting the process?


  3. Lee
    Dearborn Heights has a IT contract with Dearborn at this time has had one with Dearborn for a few years now. The administration just hasn’t used them to make a decent website for the residents. I’ve been writing about just this subject for at least 5 years there was a survey conducted and submitted to the council nothing. A guest speaker was brought in to the Council to discuss the subject of social media,transparency, communication, website and more. Boy did they jump on that NOT and they won’t it’s sad on so many levels and not surprising I expect nothing less from this administration.


  4. Dearborn has , in my opinion, folk that could easily set up Dearborn Hts website in no time at all. Of course, if it was gratis, it will take longer, but you are implying that costs would be covered. I’ll make some inquirys…

    One neat thing Dearborn has on their city web site is that you can file many police reports on-line, and get an almost immediate response, with an assigned report number. This is useful for minor thefts, such as when my garage was broken into and a bicycle stolen. Using the report, all filled out at home on the computer, I was able to give them all pertinent data including serial numbers etc. plus a pic of the bike. They did a search of the bikes on hand, has not been recovered as yet. I’m not holding my breath….but it is a convenient service….

    Perhaps Dearborn Hts already has this feature, have not checked to be honest……


  5. I think the City of Dearborn Heights can afford to buy new instead of used. They just need to do it along with so many other things. Like getting a website that looks like it for the year 2016. The City of Dearborn Heights hired Dearborn Years ago and still it’s not done. Just one more thing in this administration that never will see the light of day.


  6. Good point!

    If it would help, I can get the specs for the speakers used in the Dearborn Council chambers. They may even have the old units from the old city hall lying around for a very low cost. Interested??


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