A Volunteer Luncheon For Two.

Anyone who questions disagrees with or stands in his way of getting what he wants is given a label and that label is used over and over to dismiss any concerns or questions that people bringing before the public.


So here is the mayors answer to my email. Apparently because I ask questions l am making this issue political and because I don’t like them. Really.

RE: Luncheon for Horvath and Kosinski

Periodically, the City has luncheons for our City’s seniors. We also have
done an annual Volunteer Luncheon which includes more than senior citizens.
These have been funded by the City. In many ways they are a “thank you” to
our seniors who do considerable volunteer work either currently or in the

These events are a gesture of appreciation to our senior citizens. This year
I suggested honoring two Council members who personify volunteerism at its
highest point and are also senior citizens. I believe this is a proper
gesture and believe you are making it political because you do not like or
disagree with the two honored individuals.

The Volunteer Lunches have always been held at the Stitt Post and they do a
good job. All of the specifics are handled by the Recreation Department and
my office’s involvement is very limited. These lunches were started years
before I became Mayor and I have continued the tradition.

The cost of these lunches are included in the annual budget and specified
during budget deliberations to City Council. If Council were to eliminate
them from the budget then the lunches would be eliminated.

Mayor Paletko

In a previous post, I showed the invitation for this event as you can see there is no mention of a volunteer luncheon. The volunteer luncheon honors all groups and all who volunteer in the City. That luncheon takes place in April and budgeted for why didn’t these two council members get honored during that luncheon?  The Mayor can try to hide the luncheon intentions and the fact that taxpayers money is used behind the yearly ‘Volunteer Luncheon’ it’s just not going to work Mr. Mayor. The volunteer luncheon held every year invites all elected officials, and volunteer groups and so on. This invitation is to honor the service of two council members. This is not that. How many senior luncheons has the City had this year? If this is the first who are the other seniors being honored. Mr. Mayor in your response you said. ” Periodically, the City has luncheons for our City’s seniors.” If there’s been other luncheons to honor seniors why didn’t you honor them during one of those ‘senior luncheons’?

The timing of this is important there are two very important votes coming up and our Mayor needs these to pass.

  1. 911 Dispatch Outsource
  2. New Pension Ordinance

He needs to pass the 911 dispatch and I believe the New Pension Ordinance is something that is for the Mayor. I believe this because of what I’ve read from the minutes of the pension board meeting and the two closed sessions concerning pension. The new pension ordinance has yet to come before the public. So yes this is total speculation on my part only time will tell if I’m right. Read my post about the Pension Ordinance. 

This stinks and the response from the Mayor to a resident is insulting at best. To say to a resident who is asking legitimate questions and

by the way, councilwoman Horvath in the past would have been the first to ask these questions on our behalf. Now not so much not sure when all the love started between her and the Mayor, but this woman couldn’t stand the man not that long ago.

The Mayor yes answered the question by saying that this happens every year. This isn’t that and the proof is right in the invitation.

He goes on to tell the resident that because ‘she doesn’t like these two council members’ as the reason for her asking the questions. ‘Another tactic he’s used for years’ now when someone calls to ask about this he or others in his office will say ‘oh it’s just a few people who don’t like councilwoman Horvath or councilman Kosinski.’ ‘that’s why they are writing or saying these things.’

Anyone who questions disagrees with or stands in his way of getting what he wants is given a label and that label is used over and over to dismiss any concerns or questions that people bringing before the public. Welcome to the world of Mayor Dan Paletko and the spin begins and it’s worked for years. It will work this time too this luncheon will take place no matter what we say. Nothing will happen to the Mayor for doing so and those of us who dare to question the legalities of this will be labeled as one thing or another. Folks this is Dearborn Heights.

2 thoughts on “A Volunteer Luncheon For Two.”

  1. When it was reported that the mayor was paying for this luncheon, didn’t I say that would never happen; that we residents would be paying for this? And to add another insult to the pile, I was told that I was thought of as a NUISANCE because I was one of the residents who got up and complained to the council – or asked for our just dues. This city under Paletko and the left side of the council is just sad. All we get from them are insults. They don’t know the first thing about governing a city or its residents. Now, if I was to ask what Horvath and Kosinski have done for this city, it would be pretty easy for people to cite examples from Marge Horvath. But Kosinski? He sits up there with his superior attitude, half the time not paying attention and the other insulting us. He thinks he’s smarter than us but like another council member who is no longer on the council, he proves just the opposite again and again when he opens his mouth. Now, I read people’s remarks about the quality of candidates running in our presidential election and then people say – I’m not voting. There’s no one to vote for. This is the problem. You need to vote if for no other reason than to vote this kind of person out. We need good candidates to run for city council and for mayor. We need ever so badly to clean house. These kinds of things are never going to stop happening as long as Paletko is mayor and Berry, Horvath, and Kosinski are on the council. PLEASE, someone else step up.


  2. Oh Deb how right you are and I would like to know why the Mayor hasn’t had a luncheon for me, after all I was the President of the largest and most influential Neighborhood association in Dearborn Heights. Oh maybe it’s because, I started all this because his protectors wouldn’t allow me to speak to him about the rat problem I was having, there answer was to send out an ordinance officer to give me a ticket for having rats.

    Or is it because I went to a council meeting just before the last election, pulled me into his office and proceed to demand a public apology from me, didn’t tell me what he would do if he didn’t get one, still waiting.

    Or maybe it was because I reported the City to the Department of Agriculture for having non-certified Ordinance officers handle poisons.

    Well I guess hell will freeze over before I get a luncheon but I am not done yet.


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