The Mayor Honoring Two Council Members Or Is It?

img_8713I guess Council members ‘Horvath and Kosinski’ must be leaving the council. Why else would the Mayor be honoring them both for their service? He’s never done this for any Council members in the past. Those who have left in recent history have had 12 to 18 years on the council, but our Mayor never ever had a party for them. Not a party in the middle of the day and not using the Recreation Department to answer the phones for those who RSVP.

No, I’ve never seen this before. I didn’t hear any announcement of them leaving.  If they are leaving, they need to inform the council so they can find interested people to fill those seats. The Council has to vote to fill those two seats. Those who would fill the seats could run when the appointed term is up. These two seats are up in 2017. So,why are we having this great luncheon? Well, could it be to thank them for all their YES votes? I don’t know. Oh wait, is it to thank them for their future service to the Mayor? Maybe the yes votes from them both on the 911 dispatch outsourcing?  Maybe it’s for that very important vote that the Council may make in the near future… The vote on his pension.  Oh, Mr. Mayor did you think I’d forgotten the issue of your pension? I wrote about it years ago and with all that’s being said by those inside City Hall on a day-to-day basis, it’s even more important to write about it now.

Come on our very own Councilman Kosinski is the chairman of the Pension Board who you Mr. Mayor are going before to get that big fat pension you want. No matter if a few rules are violated to give it to you. You know that pesky thing called laws/rules that all the rest of us have to follow, but you just have to wave your hand or whatever and it goes away. For those of you who didn’t read about it years back and are interested in the subject, this is what the Mayor would like to happen. The Mayor has 42 years of service in our City. He was a council member before he became the Mayor. Oh, but hang on there’s a rule in our City that states if you leave or have a break in service you can’t calculate your pension under your new salary. You see dear taxpayer the Mayor wants to collect a pension based on 42 years of service under the salary that he’s earning now. The pension board won’t do a pension for 42 years, but for the sake of this article they might for 30 years.

So how does this rule come into play with the Mayor? Well, he left the council to go to Lansing to become a State Rep. He was in Lancing for 10 months a clear break in service. He came back to be appointed as our Mayor and then ran for the position the following year. That’s thousands of taxpayer dollars that will go to him if the pension board and maybe even the council vote to ignore, forget, break the rule for our great Mayor. His years of service should not be combined… will they be? Well, it’s the Mayor we are talking about here and he gets what he wants doesn’t he? Now maybe it’s just by chance that he’s having this luncheon for the president of the pension board/councilman and for another council member. Is it? When has the Mayor ever done one kind act for any member of the council? Just because he want’s to honor two members of council who aren’t leaving or at least they haven’t announced they are. So why now?

Just for the record, I’m not saying the Mayor shouldn’t honor these two individuals I’m not saying that they haven’t served the City for years. No that’s not my intention at all, but do you think Mr. Mayor that you might like to wait first until they are leaving the City Council to honor them. Second wait for your pension issue to be resolved considering one of the very people you are honoring is the chairman of the pension board and both are City Council members. Why would you want to leave anything to chance for people like myself to start questioning why you are doing this. Mr. Mayor wouldn’t you think you might be putting them in a horrible position if they would have to say NO to you. Just speaking for me I wouldn’t want to be beholding to you or anyone else and they shouldn’t be either.

Honor these two council members all you want after your pension issue is resolved. That Mr. Mayor would be the proper thing to do. In the past, if this would have happened with the same circumstances councilwoman Horvath would have been pulling her hair out. She would have been the first to say the optics of this are just WRONG.




8 thoughts on “The Mayor Honoring Two Council Members Or Is It?”

  1. You are SO right, Deb. Wouldn’t it be great if we had enough cojones to picket this luncheon and say exactly that on the signs? I’m convinced the mayor is paying homage to them for doing what he wants them to do. You know, I wouldn’t have a problem with Horvath but Kosinski? HELL, NO. And the mayor is paying for this? Just another story they’re trying to shove down our throats. I don’t believe that for a second.


  2. Just wondering who has been invited to this party. Also who is paying for this? If the city is paying for this, shouldn’t all residents be invited. And really we are going to honor one council person who wants to take away our right to speak and the other make disparaging remarks about the public and other council members.


  3. 42 years of service? For who? Kosinski? I could be wrong but I don’t think so. He came BACK but he hasn’t been on the council continuously. And wasn’t he appointed to the council initially – he wasn’t voted in. Are you talking about Paletko?


  4. I don’t think either one of them is stepping down you could be right Mary just so surprising that councilwoman Horvath would take part in such a thing. How things have changed in the past few years.


  5. Knowing the way Paletko works, he’s probably been made aware of all the bad-mouthing we’ve done on these two – especially Kosinski – and this is his way of trying to help them get re-elected. Do you think we could be lucky enough to have the two of them decide to step down? God would surely be on our side for a change.


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