A City Pension Ordinances Now This Is A Thing.

cover-letter-cc-9-27-2017Another closed session discussing pension this one is for City Pension Ordinance with Corporation Counsel and the Treasurer. Since when do we need an ordinance to deal with pensions? When did this become a thing? We have a pension board we have rules in place for pensions. Yet the council is going to make an ordinance for City Pension.  Who’s this for?


A law, statute, or regulation enacted by a Municipal Corporation.

An ordinance is a law passed by a municipal government. A municipality, such as a city, town, village, or borough, is apolitical subdivision of a state within which a municipal corporation has been established to provide local government to apopulation in a defined area.

Ordinances constitute the subject matter of municipal law. The power of municipal governments to enact ordinances isderived from the state constitution or statutes or through the legislative grant of a municipal charter. The charter in large partdictates how much power elected officials have to regulate actions within the municipality. Municipalities that have beengranted “home rule” charters by the legislature have the most authority to act. If, however, a municipality enacts anordinance that exceeds its charter or is in conflict with state or federal law, the ordinance can be challenged in court andruled void.


5 thoughts on “A City Pension Ordinances Now This Is A Thing.”

  1. Why is it that the residents have to be vigilant, watching, learning, and researching the activities of the administration and department heads to keep them honest?


  2. Is Mayor Paletko preparing to retire? He needs to make sure all rules are in place so he gets everything he planned on getting. When you are considering the options, don’t forget that he started out as a council member, went to the State of Michigan as a Rep, before he became Mayor.


  3. Good questions. Now try and find someone to answer them. If you get the runaround, bring the issue up in public council session. Bring some support, like someone else to ask the same questions so your 3 minutes last longer…..


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