Residents Of Dearborn Heights Now Have The Opportunity To Speak Before The Council Votes.


yes-2The council decided to let residents speak before the council meetings on agenda items only. That is how it should be and public comments are for the end of the council meeting as they are now. Make no mistake this was a big thing last night I thank Councilman Dave Abdellah for fighting for this even when he was given false information by a fellow, council member. Telling him that only if the voters voted to change the charter could residents talk before the council voted. Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton for putting this before a study session and the Council as a whole for agreeing to do this. What is our part in all of this? First to make sure we stick to our three minutes like the rule or not if you want to be heard on an issue that is on the agenda and the council is going to vote on that issue #keepitat3.

Why do I say keep it at three minutes? Simple that’s the rule if for example the council was to vote on spending $5,000.00 on fixing something in the City and you wanted them to vote a certain way on it. Give your reason for or against and ask them to please vote accordingly. Make your case in the time allowed they will let you know when you have to start wrapping it up. Understand what’s on the agenda those are published on the City’s website under City Council minutes and agenda. This is a big deal guys let’s  make sure we use it wisely and to our advantage. For those of you including myself that have waited years for this opportunity congratulations.





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