Residents Are Campaigning.

let-the-campaigning-beginIt’s clear with the residents becoming more aware of what is going on in our City that some on City Council are getting nervous. Case in point at the last City Council Study Session Councilman Kosinski takes his turn to talk about residents speaking before the council votes. What subject do you think he brought up first thing. Well, the 911 dispatch outsourcing. Stating that those who are using their public comment time to speak with the council and the Mayor are campaigning. He stated that ‘they are campaigning.’ This has now turned into a campaign really a ‘Campaign’ Yeah he said that this is the same man that said we don’t need to come to the council to speak with them before they vote we can do that by email or phone.

Now I ask you, this man has made it clear before he’s even seen the contract from the City of Dearborn that he is going to vote for it. Hell, I think if they gave a blank document to him he’d vote yes. He made that very clear when the sales team did their presentation to the City Council. So why would we as residents bother I know I sent an email to him to with links to articles and to the Dearborn Study Session on this issue. No response from him. So much for emailing him with our concerns.

Am I running a campaign all these years and didn’t know it? When that dog attacked someone in the City and all those residents showed up to the Council meeting was that campaigning. When the Rats overtook the south end of Dearborn heights and residents showed up to demand the City do something about it was that running a campaign. When all of us were flooded and showed up at several council meetings demanding the City fix this. Was that a campaign? When the residents of River Oaks came before the council asking them to dredge their pond and the City pay for it. Was that a campaign?  When concerned residents gather in a group and show up to the council meeting and talk about a specific issue then they are campaigning according to ‘Joe Must Go.’

No, I think what Joe wants is that the Council close it’s doors to the public and the Council sit’s and makes their decisions without being bothered by us campaigning, residents. Joe, Joe, Joe you just don’t understand you don’t get it. For heaven’s sake we aren’t campaigning we are asking the City to do what it’s supposed to do. We aren’t campaigning we are exercising our RIGHT to be heard. Did you not go to the Parliamentary rules and Procedures meeting? A meeting that us campaigning residents paid for without objection. According to your thought processes, the Mayor must be campaigning at every meeting. When he had his 911 outsourcing town hall meeting he was straight up campaigning to the Council for a Yes Vote.

Councilman Kosinski, you haven’t seen anything yet the people are waking up and we are paying attention and showing up. If that is a problem and it clearly is for you might I suggest you stay at home?

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3 thoughts on “Residents Are Campaigning.”

  1. CAMPAIGN: verb. To work in an organized and active way toward a particular goal, typically a political or social one.
    Organized and active, to a goal. That’s what J. Kosinski accuses the residents of. The people you represent, the residents of Dearborn Heights, deserve to speak their opinions. The people have researched the many subjects so they can make sense of it, show their take on it, and maybe help the council understand what the people (who voted them in, who pays their salary) want/need.
    So many people have commented on J. Kosinski’s inability to cooperate, or allow the residents their rights. Like he said, why not let the first seven people through the door make the decisions?
    Well, Mr. K. somehow you were elected to this position to stand for the residents. Is that so hard for you to understand? Many are disappointed that you represent us because of your attitude. We do not feel that you respect us, nor our vote, and it is not within your thought process. You are not sitting at that table representing a bunch of know-nothings. On many subjects some people are way ahead of you. It would behoove you to listen to the residents, represent us, and vote from a knowledgeable position.
    Consider the 911 subject. Many people have gone to meetings, made calls, emails, etc., to get information, and then we try to extend the information to the council. We are spreading the information to the residents, even though you won’t accept it. We want you to understand what we have learned, especially since you are sitting at that table. We are giving you the chance to represent us properly, knowledgeably.
    When it comes time to vote for you again, know that we will not forget how we have been treated.


  2. I e-mailed Joe a few years ago and he “Replied All” and I got a copy of him asking the other council members – why do we have to be concerned about what she thinks”? Then he blocked me. Yeah, right Joe. Let’s all e-mail him and see what – if anything – he says. What a waste of a vote. JOE NEEDS TO GO!


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