Do You Need Help Paying Your Water Bill?

The City of Dearborn Heights is part of WRAP,



2 thoughts on “Do You Need Help Paying Your Water Bill?”

  1. Shelley didn’t you hear councilwoman Horvath the Mayor want’s Rizzo so I’m voting for them. That is it in a nutshell WM was going to give us one large trash container and keep the green recycle bins and forgive 200k, but the Mayor for his own unseen reasons wanted Rizzo many rumors flying around about this subject.Rumors that are just that rumors until someone with some facts is willing to come forward and tell us all what went on with this contract. If anything at all went on that is. For now, it’s just certain council members voting the way they always do YES for whatever the Mayor wants Thank you, Councilman Horvath, so happy you are watching out for us. I say thanks to her because if you watched the meeting you know she made a big deal of the fact that she was the tie-breaking vote.

    This is Dearborn Heights and this is how it’s going to stay until we the residents decide to get up and stand up and make sure we elect people that give a crap about us. I’ve been saying it for years and last year was a good start 2017 a chance to change some more on that Council and the Mayor…


  2. We were with Waste Management at the council meeting of Sept. 13 they said they would give us the bins , we wouldn’t have to borrow the money right? How is buying them a better way to go???? Whats going on???


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