So The Big Man Want’s To Flex His Muscles.

The big cheese the big man the man at the top of the poop pile is flexing. muscle-painYep, the Mayor of Dearborn Heights is throwing around the VETO word the ultimate power card when you can’t get what you want by counting on your Yes Votes on the Council just roll over them and Veto. When you don’t want to listen to the residents of your City those that elected you just put plugs in your ears and veto… I have it from a very reliable source that the Mayor of  DearbornMayor of Dearborn Heights set to veto

Heights will veto the 911 dispatch outsource if the council votes it down. Nice right? A Mayor who won’t listen to his residents, a council that has several members who want to do the right thing only to have them vetoed. I would think if he’s thinking along these lines that he isn’t going to run for office again. Just the fact that he’s even brought this to the council, to begin with, has many in the City ready to get him out of office. Can you imagine what will happen if he vetoes and to make sure that he gets his way? Residents who are aware of what is going on with this subject have said that Joe, Tom, and Marge the Mayors Yes votes will have to go in 2017.

The city is changing we are more aware of what is happening in our City. We want things to change and those who are unwilling to listen to us or are unwilling to change with the times need to go. Mr. Mayor the fact that you’ve even mentioned using your veto power for this issue an issue that has the life of us residents including yourself in the balance just shows how out of touch you are.

#keepour911 #TTP #veto



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