Mr. Mayor Stand By, Embrace, And Be One With Your Lie.

911 pic with fire police


Some of you might remember what the Mayor said leading up to the vote by the residents to pass the Headlee Override. For those that don’t the Mayor held two town halls concerning the Headlee Override, the Mayor said he needed the money to save the City. Members of the Police and Fire departments walked door to door to get out the Yes vote for this. The main issue the Mayor was driving home to all residents was if you don’t pass this I will be forced (the poor man) forced to lay off 50 police officers and the fire services will be reduced. He said that if the residents didn’t pass the Headlee Override we would no longer have our emergency services. He scared the pants off of residents the main target were the seniors the largest voting block in Dearborn Heights. 

That was then this is now and now the Mayor want’s to outsource our 911 dispatch. Dispatch is part of the city’s emergency services last time I looked anyway it was. When the Mayor was telling all of us he needed the money to save our emergency services there wasn’t anything in small print that said ‘not including 911 dispatch.’ Mr. Mayor are you going to stand by that lie you sold the Headlee Override based on? What else could it be besides a lie? If it wasn’t you wouldn’t be selling off our dispatch equipment and trying to move our 911 dispatch to the city of Dearborn. Have you run the numbers and figured out how much are you going to be giving back to the residents if the council approves this move. I want some money back if 911 dispatched is moved and Headlee Override funds are used in part to keep our emergency services and dispatch is part of those services. Give me some of my money back.

No that won’t happen I know that because 911 dispatch still has to be paid that money will go to the city of Dearborn. Oh, what’s that there is a savings? Please. $240,000.00 a year so they say and that money the Mayor clearly said at his town hall for outsourcing 911 dispatch. Will go to giving employee raises to some who have been without a raise since 2009. That issue is for another post stay tuned. Back to the point Mr. Mayor you sold a lie if it wasn’t a lie you wouldn’t even consider doing this. Not only are you considering it you worked two years on the proposal. Two years all the while taking our money for something that you plan on- outsourcing anyway. I have to admit Mr. Mayor you are good and residents fall for your lies time and time again. Council falls for your lies time and time again. Lies do, however, have a way of coming back and biting you in the _____I wonder if this one will? I sure hope it does. Council Vote NO keep our 911 dispatch.


18 thoughts on “Mr. Mayor Stand By, Embrace, And Be One With Your Lie.”

  1. Anon, when a clerk working for the city tells me something, are you telling me I should check that she is not lying (aka Hillary)? How would one access the assessor records to confirm anyway?

    The point is , the city is using ‘Insurance claim’ tactics to discourage homeowners from going through the appeals process. If your house is a ‘castle’ , then by all means pay the increased taxes. But if it is a dump , needs extensive repairs, no A/C, and is not comparable to other homes around you in value, then you should not have to wait 2-3 years for a reduction in taxes.


  2. the assessor’s office has not been outsourced for two years. there has been a contract assessor, but all of the employees there were city employees. as far as appeals are concerned – those decisions are made by the board of review which is made up of citizens appointed by the mayor. before you start quoting statistics, you should review data. there has never been a year when all appeals have been denied. property taxes are the main source of income for any city. nobody likes to pay taxes, but everyone sure wants service.


  3. Assessors, ahh yes, another raw nerve with the city of DH.

    In March of each year, that should be a time to plea for a re-assessment of one’s property.

    4 years ago, before the board, I was told my plea was denied, that my $42k small ranch was worth $178k, even though I only paid 35K for it. I learned that all pleas were denied. I asked the clerk why.

    She explained it this way. One third will just walk away, no appeals. Another third will grumble, and complain, but do nothing. The remaining third will do what you no doubt will do, take the issue to the Michigan Tax Tribunal court in Lansing. I did exactly that.

    For two years, the city got all of the tax revenue.

    Two days before the court appearance, the city notified me that my appeal was granted.

    End result.? The city got a lot of tax revenue, and only a small percentage fought back. For the last 4 years, my property has been valued for $42K

    So much for having Assessors….


  4. That department has been outsourced for some time now, but still had an office in City hall for residents, but hey who are we to want an office to meet with someone if we have a question? He’s been wanting to outsource that office since he took office so this isn’t surprising wonder how much the City is going to save outsourcing that office? The office for over two years with no department head he made sure to get rid of her by not giving her a raise. She worked her tail off, but that didn’t matter to the Mayor. The office I think has two or did have two people in it. One has left and got herself a new job. Is there going to be anyone in that office for residents to meet with? Why can’t we outsource the Mayor to? Maybe that would save us some money.


  5. While there has been a lot of talk about outsourcing 911, no one has noticed that the entire assessing department has been outsourced. The employees have been notified they will no longer work for the city after September 30. A private company will now decide how much the residents have to pay for their property taxes. The contract will be voted on at the council meeting next week. Since the employees have been notified that they are gone, the mayor must be very sure about how the council will vote.


  6. Movorin, Well said, agree with most of your comments. We are on the same page. The Mayor of DH has messed me over a few times, and I am not a ‘fan’ by any means. The stories I could relate, but this is about 911 dispatch.

    I attended a couple of 911 meetings. Dearborn spun a good story. If what Dearborn says is true, DH could save a lot of money. An exit plan is there. Much depends on the DH mayor. DH has much less control and input via the residents at city council meetings than Dearborn ,which presents a problem for DH.

    The only way I have made the city (DH) see reason is through the court system. That takes years.

    As a resident , all I want, what we all want, is the best 911 dispatch. For me, Dearborn has delivered. For others, perhaps they are ‘not around’ to complain due to poor service. Keep digging, it takes lots of patience with mayors, , especially the one in DH. Common sense will prevail, along with the facts.

    Keep me in the loop……..


  7. L Jacobsen, you are saying nothing but ‘fluff’, as you call it. The people who are “editors/publishers” (you will see my name listed on the front page) do their best to get the correct information and present it in its glory to the readers of the blog. I, as well as hundreds of other people, listened to the badgering that the DH mayor pushed upon us, and now we must show that we are not forgetting it. We have learned that he hasn’t had our best interests at heart in several instances but we will be implacable when he attempts to blow us over with his smoke and mirrors.
    You know, the Federal Government has their rules and regulations to promote their ideas, especially concerning the subject of health care. There are many who have health insurance for the first time, or have been included in the number of people who have health insurance. Is it perfect? Nope. I have done my due diligence, contacting the people who represent me to the Federal Government, in hopes they can “tweak” the rules to more satisfy the general population. Have you done that?
    When people write on this blog that they do not want the 911 services farmed out to Dearborn, we are making it public, not only to speak up, but to ask for more information. As blog “masters” we are not trying to edit your remarks. We intend to stand for the community. We have a past history with our mayor that has not been a good one. Therefore, when he promotes changes, we want to know the facts. So far, the facts are not forthcoming, and the facts that are, are not acceptable to us. The mayor’s comments that he will lay off police or fire, dispatchers, or anyone else has us up in arms. We feel he has taken much from us, with intentions to add to that list. We intend to stop him in his tracks, before it is a done deal.
    Another problem that we have is our council. We feel part of our council is well-read and takes time to learn about the changes impending. Part of our council is asleep at the wheel. They just go with it when the mayor speaks up. Unfortunately, we have not had the opportunity to weed out the sleepers, but have plans for this in the future.
    According to what we know now, if it gets to the point that the 911 issue is a done deal, we have to be prepared to step up to the plate.
    As always, your, or anyone’s, remarks are welcome. If you have knowledge or information that we can publish, we welcome it.


  8. DR, Well said…..I agree with most of your comment.

    I am no fan of our Dearborn Mayor, and certainly not a fan of DH’s mayor, having had more than one difference of opinion with him and specifically, the zoning and safety dept. They work backwards and don’t use logic…..but that is another issue and story.. Ditto for the home valuations we do in March, not a fan of denying all requests for adjusted home values, forcing people to go to the Michigan Tax Tribunal, another story for another time…..

    The DH mayor has the power to make ‘dire’ things happen, so, as you say, not all is ‘fluff’. Pontiac is a good example, they no longer have a police force, instead paying other neighboring services to provide police cover,, i.e. sheriff and State ……

    Troy saves money with a Volunteer fire dept…..seems to work pretty well. Perhaps Dearborn and DH can combine their services. Seems silly to see a fire next to a Dearborn station, but answered from miles away with a DH unit as the burning dwelling is in DH, not Dearborn. Actually, that is not exactly accurate, as there is already cooperation….just to be fair….and great to see some ‘common sense’ employed….

    Bottom line, we want the best services for us residents. it costs money, but it needs to be spent wisely. If Dearborn is not up front with all the facts, shame on them. However, as mentioned on another blog, my experiences with Dearborn 911 dispatch have been positive….others will have to share their own actual experiences…. heresay from others not verified means little….


  9. Lee, The Mayor did say specific things the laying off of 50 policemen and women, and firefighters those two agencies didn’t spend hours walking door to door because they didn’t believe the lie they believed. Senior voters who he needed because they are the largest voting block in Dearborn Heights believed along with many others. He’s good at what he does and now am asking him to stand by that lie he sold us he needs to wrap himself in that lie and shut-up already. We are tired of being used and abused by this man. Just once we would like him to do something with our best interest not because it makes him look good. This isn’t being done because it’s in our best interest if that were the case he would have never brought this to the council in its current form. No backup plan numbers that still don’t show a breakdown for cost associated with the number of city’s signed up. No this is being done because, in my opinion, he wants to do a favor for his friend the Mayor of Dearborn. The Mayor of Dearborn has to fill the big fat building he sold the taxpayers of Dearborn on. From what I’ve heard from several council members in Dearborn they know it and they aren’t happy with this proposal either. One went as far to say I don’t understand why Dearborn Heights would do this makes no sense. Your City has the equipment why is he selling it to us your city is in compliance Dearborn isn’t. This council person did say that it’s all the better for us they are right saves Dearborn a lot of money. That brings me to this Lee if our equipment is so bad why is Dearborn willing to buy it? Ever ask yourself that? I don’t want fluff and I don’t want smoke blown up my ____ that’s happened far to much in this City over the past 8 years.


  10. DR, Your comment, “he did say that Dire things would happen”, is called ‘fluff’. “dire things” leaves much to the imagination……what kind of ‘dire’ things? In other words, the mayor said, according to you, nothing specific at all…. Dire things could be anything. You are a victim of political speak……..


  11. Mr, Mavornin, I know reading long sentences may be troubling for anyone with , as you suggest, half a brain, but my reference of Obamacare and DH’s 911 dispatch issue were clearly related in my comment. Did you miss it? Reviewing the commentary rules shows my comments were within the boundaries set forth, and , if they weren’t, the blog master can edit them as needed.

    Whether GOP or Dem, Politicians stretch the truth and lie to suit their immediate goals, long range goals are really not considered. That is why I brought up the Obamacare costs. The promises sounded great when presented, but the reality we are getting is anything but…..

    The same issue is happening with the 911 issue. You can ‘paint’ a dire picture of one side, but both sides of the story need to be told. Promises are NOT being made by Dearborn, only estimates, projections, and “we will do our best ‘ to present the facts.

    The DH mayor did not promise that dire things would happen if taxes were not raised, did he? Check back on his exact statements. He strongly suggested that they MAY occur….. Any politician worth his salt knows how to ‘buffer the edges’ of “so called’ outcomes. When you sell a car, it is called ‘fluff'”.

    Where are your facts to back up your statements Mr. Mavorin? Or is it all ‘fluff’?


  12. Mr. Jacobsen, you may think you have come up with the brilliance that we all must succumb to, but anyone with half a brain sees through your rhetoric. The subjects you write of have nothing to do with our 911 services, and I would guess it is your chance to rough-up the readers with your “Trump Choice”.
    Let me say, this has nothing to do with whether you are a democrat or republican. Our city is comprised of both, as well as independent (and whoever else may be “prone to lie”). If you must go on and on about your unhappiness over the health act passed by our Federal Government, go to another blog. This blog was set up for the City of Dearborn Heights Residents. The discussions here reflect the ideals of our city, just one small area of the United States. The people who write here are concerned with the City of Dearborn Heights.
    So now that we all know you are a very unhappy Republican, blaming whoever you please, may I suggest you go to another blog, maybe you could start your own, eh? Many of the people who write on this blog have spent many, many hours, going to meetings, researching, writing and speaking to the people, to inform or to question, so that the Residents can make an informed decision on the outsourcing of our 911 services.
    Some of our history with Mayor Paletko has not been up-to-snuff, and some of the residents are doing their best to research the subject of the 911 consolidation, and inform the general audience of what has been learned. So far we have not been thrilled with this, in so many ways. This blog will be here to inform all of us of any information gathered. I hope you will respectfully stick to the subject of our city.


  13. We each have our own opinions. Sometimes they differ , such as the sourcing of 911 dispatch.

    Where we do agree? Politicians, most of them, mostly Democrats, are prone to lie.

    Obamacare got passed on a lie….you get to keep your current insurance, ….Nope!

    Get to keep the same doctors……Nope! Costs will drop at least $2500…..Nope, they went up, and deductibles now average $6300 for those on the exchanges…..that means you need to spend $6300 before your expensive insurance pays dollar one. Many don’t worry about it yet, that’s because those covered by company insurance have not been in the mix, so far, only individuals and self-employed. In 2017, Obamacare affects business big time. The lie will hit the fan…..right after the election, and Trump will get the blame for Obama’s mess, but that is the norm for Dems, blame someone else, Bush is still blamed, and that is after 8 years of Obama!

    What does this have to do with 911. ?? DH and its mayor are playing the game of politics , saying factors have changed, times have changed, and DH needs to change as well. As mentioned elsewhere in a movie……”He chose poorly’….you chose wisely’……. If the money is not there , then DH can end up like Pontiac… police force at all……. The savings for 911 may be real, but DH still has 2 years of life in their 911 equipment…..they can afford to play the ‘waiting ‘ game……..but then they have to get off the ‘pot’ and either ‘consolidate’, or start with new ‘stuff’…….


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