Let’s Play Hot Potato With The Residents.

desperate-man-mdThe following are taken from Facebook Page’s incidents of residents trying to get help enjoy.

A reader of this page asked if I could find out what was going on at the old Academy Street Apartment site on Van Born (corner of Madison and Van Born); as she had seen people with blueprints walking around the property. When a council member called the Building Department they were told by the director that they didn’t know what was going on there. This reader decided to call the Building Department herself and was told it was going to be an oil change shop that also did detailing.

Wonder why the councilperson wasn’t given this information when they called? I remember hearing (meaning it was second-hand) about an incident a few years back when a councilmember asked department heads for information and the department heads had received a letter from the mayor telling them that if they were too busy or something like that, they did not have to respond to this councilperson.

What is this? If you are on the mayor’s favored councilmember list you will get information, if not, the department heads (remember, they are appointed by the mayor) don’t have to answer you?


The more I deal with our city, the more frustrated I get. Last Thursday I was going to city hall. I was going past the Star International School across the street from the city hall. It was time for the kids to get out of school. And if you have ever passed by at this time you know it is a mad house with cars and kids. To add to the issue there were 2 ice cream trucks parked there. I watched and they were stationary over the 15 minutes. I first went to the city clerk to see if they were licensed to be there. I was told it was an ordinance thing. I went to the ordinance dept. and told them of the issue. The lady said that they would look into it.

On Tuesday I passed by the school again. And again the same issue. This time only one ice cream truck. I watched and they stayed there past the 15 minutes. I went to the ordinance dept. again. I told the girl that it was parked for over 15 minutes and it was parked within 500 feet of a school. Which are both ordinance violations. Jack then came and said it was a police issue because it was on a street. He said that he knows that the ice cream truck parks there all the time but he was told it was a police issue. He advised me to call the police. So I went in the parking lot called the non emergency police number and they told me it was an ordinance issue. I told her that ordinance told me it was a police issue. She then said we’ll look into it. I’ll bet the same truck will be there again today.

This is a hazard to the kids and against two ordinances.

All I see is finger pointing.

Lauretta Hemingway Dagg We had same problem when we bought our sons’ motorbike. Trying to do right thing we called about ordinance they said police issue. Called police they said ordinance issue. Told them ordinance said police issue. They said oh, I don’t see any problems. Boys ride motorbike within 3 blocks of our home. Cop pulled them over and said they were going to impound the bike. My sons’ were in tears. My husband called non ER # and gave it to cops for being harsh on our sons’, instead of following boys’ home and talking to us. Can’t wait to move out of DH.

Now do you think the Mayor would be calling a meeting with his department heads and give them a talking to like oh I don’t know you work for the residents of this city?  No never happens if anything he gives them a pat on the back and tells them  good job guys. Why? To stick it to the residents make sure you confuse them as much as possible. This way they will stop calling. The hits just keep coming it never ends with this administration.

#newmayorneeded #TTP


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