Want To Keep Our 911 Dispatch? Then Write To Dearborn Heights City Council Members.

911 dispatch

We are asking for your help if you want to keep our 911 dispatch please say so to your council members here’s the list of their email address.

nonna1936@att.net, rkconstan@comcast.net, davecitycouncil@gmail.com, hicksclayton4dhcitycouncil@yahoo.com, Kzggy@aol.com, rmuscatdhcc@gmail.com, cctomberry@yahoo.com,

Copy and past to send your email to all of them your email can be as long or as short as you would like. Just make the message clear KEEP OUR 911.

#TTP #KeepOur911


3 thoughts on “Want To Keep Our 911 Dispatch? Then Write To Dearborn Heights City Council Members.”

  1. DR, You are correct that Dearborn has a great location for a 911 dispatch center, thus saving costs as the city owns the building. Personally, I favored keeping the old city hall, but the new one , after a few visits, works ok, mostly due to everything on a single floor and better parking. Also practically no security, so one can visit quite a few meetings before someone says….”who are you?”.

    Regarding budgets, most cities have problems staying in budget. Some, like Detroit, are just plain crooked. Inkster is barely afloat. Highland Park is a joke…..Pontiac, does not even have a police force…….others like Taylor and Trenton have enormous retirement costs….Allen Park is still recovering from their film fiasco….so Dearborn has their share as well, but also successes.. Dearborn is good at getting grants, and the merger with Melvindale seemed to work out ok with respect to the fire departments.

    We have both voiced our opinions, let’s see where the political winds take the 911 dispatch issue…..


  2. Lee, there is no backup plan until today and the numbers still haven’t been broken down come back when you have the True Numbers. The savings you are talking about is a drop in the bucket compared to a life Pleaseeeeeeeee. I would all so like to point out there isn’t one project that Dearborn has had a hand in that has turned out right, on time or with-in budget. Not to mention the fact that I believe the whole purpose of this is to fill that huge empty space in the New City Hall that Jack just had to have. What a joke that was and at what cost to the taxpayers and I am one of them in Dearborn too. Sorry, but we can wait as was said before if it’s so good let them do it and in a couple of years if it’s that good and will save us a million or more then come back to us. The taxpayers paid with the Headlee override to keep our 911 the Mayor is going to have to stand behind the lie he told us to get our votes….


  3. If you really care about your 911 Dispatch, you will have attended all the meetings, read this forum, and will realize that consolidation is the way to get better service, save money, and still have an exit plan if the city is still unhappy.

    We all want the best 911 service. We all have the right to our opinions. We all need to base those opinions on input from meetings and experts.

    For me, it is a no brainer to go with Dearborn and the 911 Dispatch service. Savings, an exit plan, and better results for the residents as a whole….


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