Still, Think Outsourcing Our 911 Dispatch Is A Good Thing?

You might want to rethink that after reading some of these articles. These articles are what a concerned resident over on the Keep Our 911 Facebook Page found and posted there. 

” In the first nine months of operations, there were at least 83 problems with the system, supplied by Motorola, ranging from misclassified calls, botched upgrades and full system failures that forced call takers to use pen and paper to relay information to dispatchers.” Click Here Full Story

The caller to 911 is panting, panicked. People are screaming in the background. A pit bull named Kane is mauling a mother and her 9-year-old son near Fort Lauderdale. She pleads for help: “Please come!”

Suddenly, a recording interrupts her frantic appeal. “You have reached the Broward County Communications Center.”

She’s been transferred to a non-emergency line. To Read The Full Story Click Here

This next article is about the secret meetings held in Ann Arbor the same person working for Dearborn to sell us on the idea is mentioned in this article. Ann Arbor is often referred to by this person when he spoke with Dearborn Heights and Dearborn as the model of how great this can work.

Local Media Used As A Collective Patsy to Mislead Public About Police Dispatcher Outsourcing Facts

Read Full Story Here

A big thank you to Deb Eng over on the Keep Our 911 Facebook Page for getting all of this information.


9 thoughts on “Still, Think Outsourcing Our 911 Dispatch Is A Good Thing?”

  1. In addition to Dearborn currently not having updated equipment, system failures and no being able to find qualified candidates to fill their current dispatch openings, they have kept their city council in the dark. At the meeting Dearborn had in regards to the consolidated dispatch, the council was extremely upset. They questioned the the so called experts and could not get straight answers. Dearborns pitch people say there will be complete transparency but they can’t even be transparent to their ow city council. Dearborn has too many issues/problems in their own city. They need to get their stuff figured out before we should even consider them as an option.


  2. Deb, the goal is to have a 911 dispatch system that serves the residents, and serves them not just ‘some of the time’ , but consistently and without ‘hiccups’.

    The comments mentioned with Ann Arbor are troubling. My friends, many of who are on the police and fire departments (I was on the Dearborn Disaster Team and a Red Cross Instructor with some of them for years) assure me that Dearborn’s system is “up to par”.

    Last year, in our neighborhood, I called 911 twice , once for my wife, another when I found a body a block away while taking a bike ride. Both situations I noted the response time…..

    The police in the first instance were there in less than 2 minutes with a fire truck, rescue unit, and back up cars. My wife coughed up something that went down the ‘wrong’ pipe and all was well. They were thanked, and I was glad to be a resident of Dearborn…..

    The ‘body’ incident was on Rockford…..a 16 yr old who was out cold, drugged and drunk, dumped by his hockey buddies into a yard from Allen park as a ‘joke’. I called 911. In less than 4 minutes, two fire trucks, one rescue unit and two squad cars were on the scene. The neighborhood was instantly ‘awake’, at around 6PM in the evening. The kid was taken away, found out the details later on…..

    The differences in the times may be due to priorities , time of day, traffic, hard to say…..

    My point? The response times, both last year, were acceptable in my opinion. However, this is just two instances, and I can’t really comment on what others say…hearsay and all that, just what I have witnessed.

    Bottom line…..I am satisfied with Dearborn’s 911 service…..others will have to make up their minds, and my tenants in the homes I own in DH will have to rely on the direction DH takes for 911 dispatch.

    Keep the pressure on to find out all the facts….my goal, and I think all of us on this forum share it with me, is to receive the best possible 911 dispatch service….whether from Dearborn or Dearborn Hts dispatch….


  3. I agree Deb just wondering if the same meeting you attended was watched by Lee no offense Lee, but it looked like they had some of the same concerns we did. The one thing that I don’t like is the lack of talk about response times this seems to be glossed over when this issue is talked about.


  4. Actually there is 5 years of service on the consoles AFTER they are deemed obsolete from Motorola. This has not happened. Dearborns system went down for numerous days along with their backup plan. They are considerably outdated with their radios as stated by a management level police officer at the Dearborn meeting earlier this month. They can’t get there crap together for their own residents. NO THANKS DEARBORN …TOO MANY PROBLEMS.


  5. Dearborn Hts has a system that is 3 years old, out of a service life of 5 years. It has two more years of life left. Is DH going to spend some more money… or not?

    The people (fire and rescue) that I have spoken with are confident of their abilities and the 911 dispatch system…..all the 911 calls I have made have been answered promptly……can anyone say different?


  6. Unfortunately Dearborn is not top notch. They are not on the updated 800mhz system. They are behind on the times because Dearborn Heights is up to date an top notch. Also they communications went down for numerous days this month and their redundant plan failed also. They want Dearborn Heights because we have the updated consoles that Dearborn does not have. So no thanks Dearborn, come back when you can say you are as good as our city. And they above article are not inept people as stated they are the same as Dearborn.


  7. Your 911 dispatch system is only as good as the people running and maintaining it.

    Dearborn has been running theirs for years. It is top notch.

    Show me some examples that prove otherwise. Other communities with inept people don’t count.


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