Print A Flyer Inform A Neighbor About Outsourcing Our 911 Dispatch.

This is a printable flyer that you pass out to your neighbors many in the City still are not aware of the fact the Council is getting ready to vote on outsourcing our 911. the-mayor-of-our-city-is-trying-to-outsource-our-911-dispatch-to-the-city-of-dearborn

This is a word document so click on the link and download the flyer you might have to click on enable editing at the top of the page.

#TTP #KeepOur911


1 thought on “Print A Flyer Inform A Neighbor About Outsourcing Our 911 Dispatch.”

  1. Are you being fooled? The question is….’by whom’? We have had multiple meetings, one of them even videoed in it’s entirety on this blog page, for all to read. Dearborn gave facts and offered savings to Dbn Hts. It is a proposal. Other cities may accept , or not, but odds are, if trends follow the rest of the country, consolidation of services in order to generate savings via better use of folk and equipment will be the norm.

    Some other participants are so small that their 911 calls are a non-factor when costs are factored in. Who knows,? Perhaps Dbn Hts, by participating , will raise the costs of other cities due to their increased use of the 911 system as compared to other cities such as Garden City or Westland. Fortunately, the cost to participate is not based on a cost per call…which is estimated to be around $20 per each call, a figure that was quickly pointed out as an estimate, with modern equipment, it could be much less. ……

    DH got 3 years of use out of their dispatch equipment. As noted in the meeting, high tech equipment becomes obsolete very quickly, is your cell phone 3 yrs old?

    Figuring a 6 year total life, that is 120K per year. DH got $360K of use, and owes another $360K less the $180K Dearborn pays them, leaving a balance owed of $180K for DH. Where does DH get this $180K? .
    Well, the first year savings will be allegedly $243K, so , instead of savings of $243K the first year, it will instead be $63K. After 5 years of savings, the first $63K, the rest $243K, kept in a reserve fund, the total would be $1,035,000 plus interest, available for a ‘bailout’ to get their own equipment again if residents are still unhappy with the arrangement with Dearborn.

    If the price for dispatch stuff stays the same at $720K, and it will be less as electrical stuff always drops in price, DH will still have over $300K in reserves , courtesy of Dearborn, after going their own way with new stuff.

    End result if DH bails and buys their own stuff? A savings of $300K and no new taxes…..Again, I would skip the 10% payback of cuts, and use the Dearborn 911 system savings to generate a 1.2 million fund for a possible exit plan. If you don’t exit after 5 years, use the fund to give back the 10% cuts….

    Bottom line, what is best for Dearborn hts. and 911 dispatching? Considering the history of other Dbn Hts endeavors, I would let Dearborn carry the ball, and run with it.


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