The City Of Dearborns First Study Session on 911 Consolidation.

After watching this live on Facebook thanks to Deb who was at the meeting if there was any chance for me to change my mind on keeping our 911 dispatch it went out the window. #keepour911


2 thoughts on “The City Of Dearborns First Study Session on 911 Consolidation.”

  1. Lee, that’s what you took away from that meeting no the contracts aren’t even finished being drafted and Dearborns City Council had many questions and concerns many of the same that some of our council members had. The Dearborn City council wasn’t happy at all with the presentation. That was my take away they still need to vote on this anyway everyone will take away from the meeting what they heard. Still no Back-up plan still no true numbers reflecting the City’s involved Westland and Wayne not in until now.


  2. Thanks for the video of the meeting, it appears that the contracts are signed , sealed, and almost delivered, so the 911 dispatch system , run by Dearborn, and saving everyone an unknown amount of money, is reality.


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