Important Study Session In The City of Dearborn on 911 Consolidation.

Well, it looks like the City of Dearborn is finally going to have some sort of meeting about the 911 dispatch in their City.

From Kenneth Paris on Facebook,


CONSOLIDATED DISPATCH CENTER INFORMATION: WORKSHOP MEETING SEPTEMBER 7th AT 6:30 PM IN DEARBORN. I just walked into the Dearborn Administrative Center for the 7:30 pm Tuesday, September 6, 2016 Dearborn Council meeting. I was advised as an “interested” person that there is a study session for the Dearborn Consolidated Dispatch Center tomorrow night at 6:30 pm! You know how much time, effort and interest I have in this project. If not for this lone person from the City letting me know about this meeting, I would have possibly found out at even a later “last minute” time! Hmmmm. Wonder why no advance notice. I hope others will attend this meeting. See you there. I hope interested people pack the room. Small conference room at that.


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