Mr. Mayor You Could Use Twitter If You’re Facebook Shy.

Twitter_logo_blueIn an ongoing effort to bring the City of Dearborn Heights to the twenty-first century and understanding that our Mayor doesn’t believe in transparency/communication. All so understanding that the majority of our city council has no desire to hear from or talk with the residents of Dearborn Heights. I thought I would show them how other cities all around ours is using yet another form of yes Social Media. Today let me show you Twitter and what you can communicate with your residents in 140 characters.

First, let’s take a look how the City’s of Dearborn and Livonia use Twitter.

The City of Westland and Taylor are on Twitter too gee I wonder why these City’s would use this thing called social media?

These City’s have been using Twitter to communicate with their residents since 2009 it’s for free Mr. Mayor and Council. Other cities use Facebook and many Mayors of those City’s have Facebooks and or Twitter accounts that they use. Unlike our Mayor who for about a half second during his last election decided to make it look good and opened both a Twitter and Facebook account. Both he didn’t use and never posted anything to. We have four members of our council with Facebook pages. Three of them are very active Facebook users and two of the three have active twitter accounts. One of our council members on top of a Facebook page, twitter account all so has Instagram and a Snapchat account.

It’s important to keep those who have been and will continue to use all that is available to freely pass information to us. It’s important to keep those in office who understand the importance of transparency and communication with the residents. We should remember the nay sayer’s the ones who forever are insulting us and the fact that we use and ask them to use social media. It’s wise to remember these things come 2017 because if we expect more this administration and several on the city council are not going to be the ones who are willing to give it to us. If we want transparency and to be treated with just a small measure of respect then we must be willing to retain those who do that now and elect new ones that will in the future. Another words people when it comes time to vote get out and vote. Vote for your future and the future of our city.

For those of you interested you can find me on twitter@heights48127

#vote2017 #ttp #wedemandmore




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