Thank You Councilman Abdallah Don’t Let It Go.

Councilman Dave Abdallah,
thank you so much and please do not let this go you don’t need a charter amendment to let us talk before a council meeting. Everyone if you didn’t get a chance to watch please watch what Councilman Abdallah is asking for Watch It Here. Come back and read the rest of the post after you’ve watched.

Where should I begin with the fact that Councilman Berry is missing the point? The fact that the City of Dearborn, Westland, Garden City are not staying until 3 am just so they can let their residents talk before a council meeting? As Councilman Abdallah pointed out as he said you can watch them online. Maybe I should start with what the hell Councilman Kosinski thinks he has so much more information and they have a bag of tricks. What was that all about getting the first seven people who walk into to a council meeting have them sit at the table and let them make the decision for 60,000 residents. Well ah hello that’s what you seven do and you don’t have any more education than thousands of us out here. Give me a break we can read an agenda and look up the information on this electronic thing you know the one the INTERNET. How condescending can you get? You are the most insulting man you sit up there reading an agenda as if no one else is able to do that. You have no other information in front of you except what’s in that agenda packet.

You say there are seven of you and we can call you with our concerns before you take the vote. Yah right don’t hand me that crap not all of you return a call not all your numbers are listed. Send an email you say and what good is that going to do? We want to be on the record we want what we have to say on any given issue heard by everyone. Before you take a vote we want the residents to who will be watching see that we got up and asked you to vote NO or vote Yes and why.  What about the 911 dispatch issue we have legitimate, educated and investigated information. That many of you sitting at that table don’t want to hear. If you spent half the time that many of us have gathering FACTS Yes FACTS you just might have a different opinion about this. You know what Councilman Kosinski YOU NO LONGER REPRESENT ME!!! I will make it my mission to get you and a couple others on that council off this coming year. You have no business sitting there. I’m ashamed that you represent this City I’m embarrassed that people will see YOU when they watch our council meetings a belittling, smug, condescending man. 

You’re, worried about staying too late at council meetings? Worried that it’s too time-consuming, it would be mind-boggling. try this one on for size. We get three minutes to speak after your precious meetings well I say I want to use my three minutes for nothing. To stand there at the mic and not say a word. Just to say my name and street and say I will use my three minutes to stand here silently.  How about that Joe, Tom, and Marge? Now times that by a hundred or fifty  people doing the same thing. You’re so smart you do the calculations and see how long that is. I’m not sure how the rest of the Council members kept their cool after those things he said. Have to say a very good thing I wasn’t elected because I would have lost it.

I’m thinking of doing a live video on Facebook about this what do you guys think.

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