Facebook Live, City Council Meetings And No Wifi.

It’s a strange title I know, but hang in there and you will understand. Facebook now has something they are calling Facebook Live this you might have seen on your pages. I think the City council could be using this great service by Facebook on the City’s Facebook Page. Deb Eng over on Facebook had the right idea when she brought this up, but said that with-out WiFi it would use a large amount of data. This got me to thinking heck I would just like to have a signal inside City hall and the council chamber so I could Tweet or Facebook the meetings.

give us free wifi
#FreeTheWifi At City Hall

For years I’ve been asking for WiFi in our City Hall it falls on deaf ears why should we as residents not be able to live Facebook or Periscope the Council meetings? Why shouldn’t we be able to live stream the study sessions? If we want to take the time to do it. If a resident wants to live stream a council meeting set up a little tripod why not? No that would be too much those of you who’ve been coming here for years know how long I wrote about getting the meetings on Youtube. Finally, it happened we got it how many of us me included watch those meetings? Well, the special meeting held for the 911 dispatch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6jhEhYCLsA has been viewed 402 times. It’s just one more thing I’ve been asking for for years free wifi at city hall. There’s a page for Dearborn Heights on Facebook called Dearborn Heights City Hall  it say’s in the short description section of the page “This page is an unofficial page for Dearborn Heights City Hall.” Even after all these years of writing, having a study session about the need for the use of social media we here in Dearborn Heights are still left behind.

Same goes for a new website something that looks like the 21st century that too never has been done. No updates on the site if as I’ve said before thinking of moving into this City one of the first places I would go is on the web and look at the City’s website. Based on what I see there I wouldn’t move here. It say’s everything I need to know about this City OUTDATED. Take a look at Westlands website  or how about the City Dearborn or Livonia how about one more Canton. None of these cities are better then our’s they just have leadership that cares about informing their residents. Can’t tell you how many blog post I’ve written about this subject in seven years many for sure. There’s been movement Ping4Alerts, Crime Mapping, and council meetings on Youtube. I thank everyone who was involved getting those I know it wasn’t easy. It should be easy and as I’ve said before other cities residents don’t even ask let alone beg for years it’s just done for them. When is it going to be just done for us? I haven’t given up and I will continue to write until all of what this city needs and are musts for its residents are met. Maybe with a new administration and a few more changes on the council we just might get somewhere.


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