Food Trucks In Dearborn Heights…

The Food truck in my opinion, is something that is and has been needed in our City for a long time. At the last study session, this was on the agenda and will come up for a vote. Now just imagine food trucks across Dearborn Heights serving up a variety of foods. However, this shouldn’t be done half-assed excuse me for saying it that way, but that’s the truth a lot of thought needs to go into this a good place to see what I’m talking about is this article (CLICK)    If done right this could be a great thing for the City done willy-nilly and it will fail. The last thing we want to happen is for this to fail after all it’s new it’s exciting it’s a step in the right direction for a City with a future. I hope our council is going to do the right thing. Tell us what you think here or over on Facebook. #ttp

*Feature Image for this post from Food Truck Economics


3 thoughts on “Food Trucks In Dearborn Heights…”

  1. Dr. Heights, Dearborn already has an incredible Food Truck program, just because I am not in love with food trucks does not mean Dearborn can’t embrace them . Another reason for DH to join Dearborn since they already have a Food Truck Day, actually more than one.

    My plant has food trucks coming everyday, perhaps a variety of food trucks would be more fun…..Go Food Trucks!

    It is more fun to discuss than 911 dispatching etc.


  2. Lee,
    If we want to be excited about food trucks I don’t see the problem with it. If a restaurant is worried about a food truck taking away so much business from them that they will close down maybe they shouldn’t be open. A food truck is not the same a restaurant they serve two different purposes. Nothing to stop a restaurant from getting a food truck and taking some of their food on the road. It’s quick it’s fun and can bring another dimension to our City. I’m not saying they should be driving around like an ice cream truck but we can have something different here maybe that’s the reason us here in Dearborn Heights don’t want to be a part of Dearborn. With some work and the right people in office, we can have the best of both Cities. We just need forward thinking individuals to get us there. #foodtrucks


  3. Dearborn Heights is excited about food trucks? Really? What makes them so special? Do they include the hot dog ladies , and pop corn vans? Are the calories posted with each truck? How do the restaurants in the area feel about Food Trucks.

    Perhaps for a special event once in awhile but that;’s about it……


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