Expect Nothing, but The Most Antiquated Way Of Doing Things.

Say what? We need to make a charter amendment in order to talk before a council meeting. NO that’s not the case councilwoman Horvath read what our charter say’s.

Section 6.7. – Meetings of the Council to be Public.

All regular and special meetings of the Council shall be open to the public and the rules of order of the Council shall provide that the citizens shall have a reasonable opportunity to be heard at any such meeting on matters within the jurisdiction of the Council.

State Law reference— Open meetings act, MCL 15.261 et seq.

Need some more okay how about this,

Section 6.9. – Rules of Order.

The Council shall determine its own rules and order of business and shall keep a written or printed journal of all its proceedings in the English language which shall be signed by the Chairman of the Council and the City Clerk. The vote upon the passage of all ordinances, and upon the adoption of all resolutions shall be taken by “YES” and “NO” votes and entered upon the record except that where the vote is unanimous, it shall only be necessary to so state. An affirmative vote of the majority of the quorum of the Council is necessary to validate any resolution. Each member of the Council, who shall be recorded as present, shall vote on all questions decided by the Council unless excused by the unanimous consent of the members present, but no Councilman shall vote on any question in which he has any financial interest other than the common public interest.

Don’t sit there and tell a resident that this can’t be changed the City of Dearborn has the Thursday before their Tuesday council meeting what they call the ‘committee of the whole’ they discuss what’s going to be on the agenda who will be making the motion on any given subject and who will be seconding the motion. The Chair of the Council then asks if there is any discussion on the agenda item from the council members or the public.  Many other City’s around us let their residents talk before the council meetings. This isn’t something so new and out of the ordinary. Oh sorry, that’s right it might be for some of you on the council since we all know just how much you never want to change anything. We all know how painful it is to try something new. We all know just how much some of you sitting on that council want to keep the same old, same old.

What the City of Dearborn council does isn’t a study session that’s a separate meeting altogether. None of these cities went to the residents and put this on a ballot for a vote. They didn’t change the charter of any of those City’s to allow the residents to speak to their elected council members before they voted on important issues Like oh I don’t know  ‘Spending Our Money.’ 

I know that city council members of Dearborn make more money than you do… do the other cities that do this make the same, less, or more then yourselves? More, less, the same. This isn’t the issue at hand what’s at hand is for years the council has voted on issues before they give a chance to the public to voice any concern about them. The only way we have to voice our concern is via email, or phone when we can get a number for one of you. All done behind closed doors, not on the record nobody will ever know if someone called and said I don’t want you to vote for this and here’s why. Maybe just maybe some of the residents would like to have their opinion, objection, or support for an agenda item on the record ever stop to think about that Councilwoman Horvath? Most likely you have and that might be the main reason you don’t want to let residents talk on the record because there would be a record.

Sit down change the way you conduct the meeting and do as residents are asking, put aside time before the meeting to let residents voice their opinion on what’s on the agenda. Only those wanting to talk about agenda items, not announcements, or concerns about the street sweeper those can be dealt with as they are now after the meeting.

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1 thought on “Expect Nothing, but The Most Antiquated Way Of Doing Things.”

  1. It is surprising that residents of DH don’t have more input at council meetings. In Dearborn , besides the meetings of the round a week before, where issues are thrashed out, and often settled, like my concerns with a tree ordinance was handled by , in the meeting of the round, putting me on a tree committee….happy? next issue! That worked out pretty well actually….

    Regarding discussing issues from residents before and after the meeting, Dearborn takes any and all comers as each issue is brought up from the audience. First, comments from the council? Then comments from the audience? Next line item….

    Like you suggest ,topics not on the agenda are handled at the end of the meeting, usually we have 3-4 people with concerns about the streets being swept too often, or too much noise etc….

    What prevents someone from just speaking up? Who sets the rules of the council? Find those that agree to change the rules, and support them. Use conniving to get others on board…that is the political way……right? :}


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