Coached Residents and Twenty-Two Minutes Have Some On City Council In an Pandemonium.

Every resident that gets up and talks at the podium is coached yep we have a special council whisper that all of us use. We meet for weeks in advance of the council meetings and have what we want to say pounded into our brains.


On August 9, 2016, one resident took to the podium at the council meeting and oh boy the earth stopped rotating. According to Councilman Kosinski she had the ‘privilege’ to talk at the council meeting for 22 minutes. Hold up did she talk for that long at the podium? NO, she did not she spoke for a little over seven (7) minutes we timed it. Maybe the Councilman doesn’t know the rules just in case let me tell you. You can talk for three minutes (3) if interrupted by anyone on council or the Mayor your time is stopped and when you start talking again your time starts up where it left off. Oh boy, she went over by a whole four (4) minutes no reason to light your hair on fire guys. In a back and forth exchange time does fly by.

Well, Councilman Kosinski and Councilwoman Horvath decided to share their feelings. They shared them so openly via email to over 40 others in an email exchange. This exchange started with the email sent by the council secretary to 40 email address concerning an upcoming council meeting. Councilman Kosinski replied to this email so did Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton and Councilwoman Horvath. The exchange starts with Council secretary.

Sent: Thu, Aug 11, 2016 3:17 pm
Subject: Dearborn Heighst City Council Stdy Session 08-16-16
Attached is the cover letter for the Dearborn Heights City Council study session scheduled for Tuesday, August 16, 2016.
Thank you.
Denise Walker
Council Secretary
City Of Dearborn Heights
6045 Fenton
Dearborn Heights, MI  48127


This first email was sent to a very long list of people including press next is the response from Councilman Kosinski.

Council chairman Constan and CDH Council Members;

I am not sure this request is according to the rules that CDH Council members conduct Their  responsibilities and if this request is out of order and inappropriate then at least a seed has been PLANTED.


Just recall the August 9, 2016 CDH Council meeting……………….one citizen TOOK  the privilege to be at the podium on various subject matter and issues for 22 (TWENTY TWO) minutes.  The formal agenda and  decision making portion of the meeting took 14 (FOURTEEN) minutes.   I am convinced that Seven Council members, individually and as a COUNCIL Body are  capable of MUCH BETTER MANAGEMENT of critical CDH Council meeting time.

Respectfully and Sincerely;

Joseph V. Kosinski C. Man  CDH

I guess C.Man Kosinski thought everyone in the original email should know of his strong feelings about residents using their PRIVLAGE at the podium. Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton response to the email,

hicksclayton4dhcitycouncil <> wrote:

I believe it is our responsibility,  as elected officials,  to listen and respond, either with an answer or redirect to the appropriate person for an answer, or steps to resolve the question presented by the resident.  I believe it would be prudent to actively listen, summarize, answer or redirect accordingly.  Flow of conversation can be managed by implementing these techniques.
 If the resident continues to repeat information, they do so because they might feel they have not been heard. This is why it is important to summarize and repeat. It creates acknowledgement of the issue.
Lisa Hicks – Clayton
Dearborn Heights City Councilwoman
How did Councilwoman Horvath respond to this? Take a look.

Subject: Re: Dearborn


City Council


Session 08-16-16 <br><br>


You think I say things about you behind your back well here’s to you. Get your head out of the sand. You babble on and make no sense. Two things that come to mind. First and foremost that citizen was coached. Secondly we have an opinion that gives us the right to limit to three minutes and I am going to ask the Chair to start implementing it again. Of course I already know who will oppose it.

Think about this. That same person wants the Council to allow discussion before or during the meeting. If that were to happen, taking an example from Tuesday and the length of time she spoke, we would still there.

Again I repeat get in the real world.

I noticed you sent your message to the world. I hope you get all the pats on the back that you are looking for because I have come to the conclusion that’s what you are all about.

Council woman Marge Horvath

To this Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton responds with this,
Subject: Re: Dearborn Heighst City Council Stdy Session 08-16-16
No Marge,  I only resent FROM the original email, which cc’d over 40 people.  That was done by the original sender. Secondly. I am well aware of the opinion of the three minute rule, as provided in many Michigan Municipal League documents. Yes, I  am aware.  After all, I have completed the Education Award from MML. Shame my opinion of directed conversation, as a Speech 101 course would teach, is not understood.
Lastly, I believe in citizen engagement. I can produce over 100 professional documents which show citizen engagement leads to more effective government.    Do we know the responses are “coached?” I don’t.  If serving our residents and our community means my “head is in the sand”, guess I will be an ostrich.   My beliefs are based on research, information via professional development  and networking with elected officials.
In closing, in response to your comments, “head in the sand” and “get in the real world”, I do serve in the real world. Recalling basics of government include the legislative branch represents the citizens or constituents.  Recalling citizen engagement is preferred in effective government.  You say babble. I say educated and informed.  This isn’t about “pats on the back.” It is about executing the responsibility of an elected official.  I do not seek kudos or credit. A humble servant leader should be our goal.
Lisa Hicks – Clayton
Dearborn Heights City Councilwoman
  • We don’t have the Privilege to talk at the podium IT’S OUR RIGHT if you C.Man Kosinski think that way well then that explains everything that we as residents need to know.
  • Next, the council in fourteen minutes got through an agenda, discussion on that agenda, and voted. Fourteen minutes and you are upset because a taxpayer got up and talked for seven (7) minutes. It’s very obvious that some on this council and you can see who they are based on the emails would like it if the residents never got a chance to say anything.
  • You think Councilman Kosinski that how did you put it? “I am convinced that Seven Council members, individually and as a COUNCIL Body are  capable of MUCH BETTER MANAGEMENT of critical CDH Council meeting time.” Critical CDH council meeting time, what critical time for heaven’s sake you finished with the critical meeting portion in 14 minutes what other critical business was there left to discuss? Nothing hence the reason the resident was up at the podium in the first place.

You can watch what this Privileged resident had to say HERE you can watch this Coached resident yes that’s right Councilwoman Horvath you found out. Every resident that gets up and talks at the podium is coached yep we have a special council whisper that all of us use. We meet for weeks in advance of the council meetings and have what we want to say pounded into our brains.  We have a special handshake and everything and boy our Coach is good they make sure that we have it down cold. Sorry NO Council Members allowed.


3 thoughts on “Coached Residents and Twenty-Two Minutes Have Some On City Council In an Pandemonium.”

  1. Deb
    Our coach does a great job right #councilwhisper #coach and the use of the word Privilege is disgusting imagine what else gets said about us residents in emails this is just by chance that I got this. Some of the email address used in that email were for the press too.


  2. Thanks for the post. The person that TOOK the PRIVILEGE of speaking for “22” minutes was me. I find it very interesting that some of the council members were so up in arms about my questions. Is it that there is something to hide? All I know is that I have not been “coached” by anyone. I am an informed citizen and apparently that scares some on the council. We need more participation from the residents and a good showing at the meetings.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. When will it ever end? When will Kosinski, Horvath and Berry resign? Instead of looking at your watch and praying the meeting will be over, Kosinski, why don’t you pay attention? You might learn something. Lord. I’m SO TIRED of these people. Why are they even there? It’s pretty obvious they don’t want to be.

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