The Truth Page Is On It’s Way Back.

For those who signed up to get email notification here, you might be getting notification of blog posts. I’m making some of the older posts from the Truth Page public again. I will be changing the title back to the Truth Page and we will be going back to what we were doing before. With the new commenting rules in place as they are now. I found that most of you didn’t like the new blog and there is a need for what the Truth Page was doing. My hope is that we can have the best of both worlds. The hard truths that I wrote about on the Truth Page without all the bullying and bashing of each other as it was on the Truth Page.  Have the commenting structure of the Make a Difference Page.

After taking this time away from the Truth Page I found that we all need a place like the Truth Page a place that we can just let it rip and tell it like it is. Stick with the truth, but blast this administration for all that it’s doing. We need a place that all residents can come to and yes bitch, complain and hopefully come up with solutions and join together to fight for our City. I’ve seen over the past year just how many residents are getting involved joining groups on Facebook and going to the Council meetings. I’ve been hoping for this for six years. So if you get notification, about a blog post check the date chances are it’s an old one just making it public again. It’s been interesting reading all these old posts so much information and so many things have happened over these past six years. I forgot some of the fights we took to the Mayor.

Get your thinking caps on put on those boxing gloves and let’s let it rip.


3 thoughts on “The Truth Page Is On It’s Way Back.”

  1. Sorry, Lee, but I did join a PAC and found that after a time, a couple of people were making decisions for the group unbeknownst to the rest of us, even though we had a Charter and rules. We had so few members that we couldn’t afford to do anything. As to your comment about politicians, only in a perfect world and DH is certainly not a perfect world. Most of our council belittle us behind out backs and then stupidly include us in e-mails which show exactly how they feel about us. There are so few people going to council meetings, that we that have attended in the past are considered to be a “nuisance” to the administration. We’ve done all that you mentioned but it seems that most people just want to come to these sites and complain but when it comes to actually showing up, they’re nowhere to be found. I’ve backed off attending because you are right about one thing. There is strength in numbers but there is only a few that show up.


  2. Kathy I am so glad you are bringing the Truth Page back. It kept people informed as to what Danny Boy was doing and we really need that now. People are reading more and talking more because of you. Thanks for your words.


  3. Take deep breaths and relax. Politicians exist to help you. That is why WE elect them, and kick them out when we want different results…….join a political city action committee and get the inside scoop…..unless DH does not care to have one……..there is strength in numbers , use the site to promote a date, then show up……..It worked for the 911 network, it can work for other issues…..


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