No CSO fines from EPA — Red Run

The reality is that the EPA does little to enforce CSO/SSO laws, does not collect fines, and basically looks the other way. The track record was clearly established in this 2005 independent report – and nothing has truly changed since ! A review of EPA and state data suggests that many permittees have fallen far […]

via No CSO fines from EPA — Red Run


4 thoughts on “No CSO fines from EPA — Red Run”

  1. Another commission to terminate is the Energy Commission, started to control the ‘dams’ in America, i.e. the TVA, Tennessee valley Authority. I think the dam issue is pretty much resolved, time to cut it out of the budget. We start new commissions , but never seem to end them. Result? Cost to the tax payer. Even the recent renewal of the police and fire tax is an example, as the initial tax was to be for only 5 years, temporary, then be gone. Now it seems permanent via endless renewals…..


  2. When someone is not doing their job, what should one do after they hold them accountable?

    In the private sector, what I and may other bosses do is fire the inept and get someone else in place that knows how to do the job. “holding them accountable is almost ‘political speak”.

    If the EPA is too big, to cumbersome to do it’s job, time to replace it with a better idea, or just blend it into another government entity and eliminate it……in the private sector , that is called a ‘merger’ , with cost savings by the elimination of multiple layers of administrators looking for something to do and trying to find ways to spend their current budget so they can ask for more……. There is no incentive for the govt to spend less, if you do, your budget is cut by a superior who takes the credit for reducing costs.

    Some commissions are just money pits. A case in point is the one started by Lyndon Johnson, the famous ‘War on Poverty’. 50 years later, the poverty level is at record levels, indicated by massive Food stamp increases of 38% during Obama, and 19 million people able to work not even bothering to look anymore by registering , one reason the unemployment rate at around 5% is a misnomer….. heck, even Bernie pointed out that obvious fact.

    Bottom line? Get rid of the War on Poverty program as well… is obviously not working.


  3. You make a good argument for eliminating the EPA. If it is not doing its job, why keep it around? Let’s get rid of some political high paid seat warmers and establish some procedures that protect the environment while at the same time benefiting our manufacturing base so we can restore jobs to America.

    Shutting down our coal fired power plants is a mistake, for every one we shut down, China opens ten new ones that are ten times more ‘dirty’. Saving the planet is not the USA’s priority when major countries in the rest of the world are so far behind in producing clean fuel . China is switching to nuclear in a big way, using Thorium as a fuel, which is plentiful and has an almost zero half life, so is much cheaper and safer to use, plus it can’t blow up like the uranium fuels do. Also can’t enrich it and make bombs.

    The USA should consider the same approach. I spoke with the asst director of the Enrico Fermi plant, and he said good ideas, but the political folk control the purse strings, and right now, it is wind and solar, but at 40% minimum or more expense in the next two years. Residential people are getting a subsidy. Businesses are not. My power costs at my factory have risen 30% in the last two years alone. I hire less folk as a result, since I have to save somewhere and can’t raise prices due to long term contracts. So far, automating has helped, but not for long.

    Bottom line, get rid of the EPA and get some common sense back into our country!


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