Tonight Are You Going To Make A Difference?

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Already the ‘Destructor&Bully’of the City Council is saying that this is going to happen no matter what. Well are we going to let it happen? Are we going to show up to the meeting and let our City Council members know including the Destructor&Bully of the City Council. WE DON’T WANT THIS!

How in the world can anyone sitting on the council make such a decision with such little information?  Well someone who does nothing but ‘YES VOTE’ for anything the Mayor wants.  Tonight the Mayor is going to have his little town hall meeting. Will there be new information? If there is why wasn’t that given to the council before they voted? So many questions but this really isn’t anything new for this Mayor. Make a Difference go to the meeting tonight the more people the better. #madidh #keepour911


9 thoughts on “Tonight Are You Going To Make A Difference?”

  1. That’s good I’m glad the sell job worked so well on at least one person in the room and maybe some others. I guess he is worth whatever Dearborn taxpayers are paying him. Yep, all the questions you say were answered sorry, but several on the list were not the numbers still aren’t right because there are three city’s that will not be joining there is more. I will write about it and as always you are entitled to your own opinion not saying it’s right or wrong just surprised that you walked away so easily convinced.


  2. drheights, I assume you were at the meeting, right? What was your take on the discussion? Enlighten us………
    My take again, with enhancements……
    All the questions were answered, all the council members had input, experienced dispatchers were on hand to explain the process, we saw a slide show that explained all the costs, no dispatchers were in danger of losing their jobs. all the calls will be answered and , by having a larger area service area, more units can be dispatched at once and reactions to situations can be handled better for the safety of all residents in the system.

    Not in the system, want to do it alone? Watch out! Your equipment gets ancient, like Dbn Hts stuff, and the value, as a result , drops like a rock. How much will you give me for my XP , or Vista computers? I thought so……zilch. Tech is the way to go wit 911 calls, instant location, and much faster response times…….and tech changes every 5 years… don’t want to own antiques…..

    Again, what did you get out of the meeting……????


  3. The meeting was packed, the questions were answered, the quick answer…….Dearborn Hts will save money immediately, but , more importantly, will have the latest tech long term and will be part of a larger system that will provide quicker 911 calls for everyone in the system, which means quicker response times and better care for all the residents…


  4. That last time I looked on the Dearborn website for a council meeting the only thing I could find was a meeting from December of 2015 I was looking to find a meeting where a resident was asking questions about this. If I missed it could you please post where to find the meetings from June of 2016.


  5. Many folk have raised quite a few questions.. First, from all I have read, 911 calls are answered practically immediately, in the order they are received. An operator is not going to dwell whether to answer a Dbn before a Dbn Hts or vice versa.

    Second, the savings come via the shared use of the equipment. already owned by Dearborn, the Dbn Hts equipment via the agreement would be rendered surplus, they can sell it at a loss via Obama dealing , or at a profit via Trump dealing, as noted, Dbn Hts needs to make ‘smart’ deals. As Papa points out, inflation isn’t that rampant.

    Third, your numbers are confused. The savings would be $243,000 if all the other six cities participate. Savings are dependent on the amount of calls received. Some cities that have more calls end up saving more. Others that have no 911 calls would save very little…

    Politics plays a factor with respect to Wayne and Westland saying that it would be a losing proposal. I suspect a few folk with pull don’t want to lose their cushy jobs (not the 911 jobs, but political jobs) if Dearborn takes on the 911 calls and , as a result, some folk are let go.

    Last, you are absolutely correct that their should be some meetings on this issue, which is why there is one tonight, and let’s hope transparency is prevalent in the numbers at the meetings. This includes numbers from Dearborn as well. Odds are, combining resources will save the participating cities some decent money due to the economies of scale. More 911 calls answered perfectly with just one set of equipment and personnel (Dearborn) instead of multiple sites and folk can’t help but be more efficient. I suspect the folk losing control and jobs are the ones complaining that it is a ‘bad deal’. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

    Regarding input on the decision by the residents, in Dearborn, anyone, at any council meeting , can approach the council and mayor , state their name and address, and provide opinions and concerns, ask questions and expect feedback, all televised city-wide. Are you implying that Dearborn Hts shuts out its residents from bringing up the 911 issue at a council meeting? In Dearborn, the issue would be ‘tabled’, and meetings arranged to ‘thrash out the issue to everyone’s satisfaction”. Then, the issue would be put back on the council ‘docket’ and voted on.

    The Mayor and council members were elected by the residents to represent them and make decisions with respect to operating the city. Saving money via combining 911 dispatch calls seems pretty obvious, certainly not worth bothering with the expense of calling for a ballot vote from the folk at large.

    Demand to see the numbers at a council or other meeting, take them to an independent expert, and let that expert tell you if money will be saved.

    Again, the Dearborn police-fire millage has nothing to do with 911 calls. Easy enough to clarify at the July 19th meeting.

    Once again, I suspect others are meddling, making untrue statements, and have an interest in ‘keeping things as they are’…….politicians like to control, not necessarily save $$, and this hits both concerns so hence the hoopla…..

    Should be ‘enlightening ‘ tonight.


  6. Joyce it’s about the 911 dispatch and the proposal from Dearborn and our Mayor to move it to Dearborn along with 6 other Cities. Have written several post about this subject and this meeting.


  7. You know – when you say “Destruct&Bully” there are a few people on the council that can answer to that.


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