Remember How The Mayor Sold The Headlee Override?

Back when the City was on the verge of collapse when the Mayor and Council shouted the sky is falling. Yep, that time when the whole world was collapsing just after the Mayor had said that we were great at the state of the City address. Remember when he told all of us that if he didn’t get the Headlee Override money we wouldn’t have our emergency services anymore. Remember when the police and fire departments were out walking door to door asking for your Yes Vote?

Well, that did include the 911 dispatch service he didn’t say ‘dear residents this money doesn’t include your 911 dispatch.’ No, the fact is 911 dispatch is part of the police department budget. Do you think it’s just by chance that the Mayor and some on council want to move the 911 dispatch to the City of Dearborn for a saving of $243,000.00 a year? At the same time making moves to keep the Chief of police and the upper supervisors who are in the DROP program and have to leave this year? Do you think it’s just by chance that the Mayor is working on extending the DROP program to all of these officers so they can stay? Do you think it’s by chance that they are working on making deputy chief positions?

Nothing this Mayor does is by chance it’s well thought out and calculated far in advance. In my opinion, the Mayor is looking to save the money by moving the 911 to do what he wants to do in the police department.  Contracts are being negotiated right now and still no professional   contract negotiator approved by the council. Not any that I’ve seen voted on. Nothing brought to the council agenda since Councilman Ray Muscat brought it up months ago. I ask myself how is this going to make a difference for Dearborn Heights? It’s not it’s just more of the same thing only a different day. It’s however, up to each of us to fight these things. The day’s of letting this Mayor run ram shot and do whatever he wants with our lives should have ended years ago. Yet it still continues and will continue unless we all of us put a stop to this.

We have continued to vote this Mayor into office even when it’s going against our best interests to do so. Same for Council members that stopped caring about us long ago and continue to vote YES with the Mayor on whatever he brings to them. Not every council member, but enough of them that the Mayor can still do whatever he wants. Folks, it’s time to get up, stand up and Make a Difference in this City. He will get to keep the Headlee Override money, will move our 911 to another City along with 6 others, extend the DROP and what will we be doing? Waiting on the line when we have an emergency.

Back in 2010 the treasurer had this to say about the DROP program,

He revealed that one officer with a base salary of 96,325 will have 7 years in DROP will be getting a pension of 114,739.00 a year, and walk out with a lump sum of $800,00.00 from DROP. Read the rest here

Understand the DROP program and how it works

It’s up to us if we want to let this happen #keepour911 join us over on Facebook, sign the petition, call/email council members let them know you what you want. Stop letting them do this to us let’s stand up for ourselves and make a difference in Dearborn Heights.

#madidh #makeadifferenceinDH


2 thoughts on “Remember How The Mayor Sold The Headlee Override?”

  1. You are 100% right I did not know about the Fire Chief until it was done and over with. If I had would have said no to that to. I say no because everyone who signed up for the DROP knew what they were signing up for including those in the administration. Not trying to give one sided views just trying to make a difference in this City.


  2. Why do you constantly reference the police when talking about the DROP? The fire chief entered the DROP, exited the DROP and was re hired by the city. This is happening NOW! Why didn’t you do your homework when talks were in motion to allow the fire chief to do this? No police employee has taken part in this , but the current fire chief is currently taking part in the EXACT plan you outlined above. You weren’t worried about notifying the public when his plan was approved. Why? Because you selectively choose what you want the public to know. Look up the fire chiefs deal and the DROP accounts and pensions of firemen in this city. If you want to be considered a legitimate source of information, do your homework completely.


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