Not Making A Difference For Our City Is Moving 911 Dispatch.

Mayor trying to move your 911 dispatch to the City of Dearborn along with six (6) other City’s.

City Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton planned and had a town hall meeting. What you should know about this meeting is how hard the Mayor tried to stop it. He yelled at the councilwoman during a study session. He again yelled at her and threatened her at a ribbon cutting ceremony according to witness that were there. He told her according to what witnesses heard that he was going to bring charges of violating the Open Meetings Act (OMA) if she had the meeting.  Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton had the meeting an informational meeting only after getting in contact with the Attorney General to make sure that having a town hall meeting wasn’t a violation and it was not. Interesting to note the Mayor held his town hall meeting for the Headlee Override with all council members in attendance. What say, you Mr. Mayor? Nothing because that was your meeting.

Some of you might be a little confused as to why the Mayor would go to such lengths to stop this meeting? A meeting that did one thing only to give the same information that was given to the City council the same information they had and decided to vote yes on signing a letter of intent with the City of Dearborn to move our 911 dispatch to Dearborn. I should note here that Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton voted NO on this letter. To understand why the Mayor has his panties in a bunch you have to understand that the Mayor has been working with the Mayor of Dearborn for Two Years on this proposal. Not sure just what role our Mayor played because it sure wasn’t making sure we are partners in this. No, It clearly states in the information given to the Council that this isn’t a partnership/joint venture this is Dearborn calling all the shots and we are the customer. The presentation as was given at the town hall meeting

I’ve started a Facebook Page keep our 911 If you’re interested in joining the fight to #keepour911 click the pictures and like the page. We will keep up dating information that comes our way. While you are there you can sign the petition to keep our 911.

The town hall meeting went off with-out a hitch however there were two police officers there why? We don’t know I’m sure you can guess why and who sent them.  It was a packed room and many residents spoke out against this and gave very good information. Make sure to watch all the videos and subscribe to Dearborn Heights Happenings on Youtube

Just a few more interesting things you should know the council approved to buy new dispatch equipment three years ago for the cost of $720,000.00. The equipment isn’t yet paid for, but as part of this move to Dearborn the Mayor would have the council say yes to giving that equipment to Dearborn for $180,000.00 and Dearborn will us it to get their new dispatch center up to date. So far Wyane/Westland are not interested in moving Melvindale voted no on the move.  Three of the six city’s given this proposal from Dearborn have said no and as was given to the City Council the price is dependent on all seven City’s signing.


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