When You Make A Difference With Your Vote.

When all you hear from people is “my vote doesn’t matter” it does matter and it did matter and it made all the difference. Your vote and the effort of a group of dedicated individuals coming together changed the way we all see our vote on a very real and local level.


This was the reaction of those that worked so hard on the Yes To Crestwood School Committee Tuesday Night when they found out that all the hard work paid off. This group of individuals decided months ago that they wanted to make a difference in their school district and try again to pass a bond.  Kathy Meredith-Gurtowsky tried 10 years ago and wasn’t sure if she wanted to try again.

10 years ago I was on a committee to help pass a bond, we tried 3 times and it failed each time. When I was asked to sit on the committee this time, I honestly was not sure if I wanted to go through that again, but I am so glad I did! This

Maybe this is why she was worried about trying this again the numbers posted by State Senator David Knezek on Facebook Wednesday.

I am inordinately happy about the passage of yesterday’s Crestwood School District bond. I’m happier with this vote than the two votes that sent me to the Michigan House of Representatives and the Michigan Senate. Seriously.


Let’s take a look at the numbers of the previous ballot proposals:


Yes – 1,693 – 41%
No – 2,357 – 59%


Yes – 3,982 – 41%
No – 5,745 – 59%


Yes – 1,027 – 28%
No – 2,672 – 72%


Yes – 965 – 26%
No – 2,736 – 74%


Yes – 960 – 26%
No – 2,741 – 74%


Yes – 1,629 – 51%
No – 1,542 – 49%

There hasn’t been a bond passed in the Crestwood School District for 49 years. Not since the first bond to build the schools has the district seen this amount of money to fix the long overdue repairs/upgrades needed I watched this group of people for months work so hard and put together an effort to make sure the children going to the schools in the Crestwood School District were going to get what they deserved. The putting up of signs, town hall meetings (many town hall meetings) at each school in the Crestwood district, mailings, door to door walking. Radio shows, Robocalls, social media posting, video, pictures and the sharing of it all on individual Facebook Pages. All this hard work is what got the voters out on election day.

I hope with the success of this and the win this past November of two new council members people will understand that their vote does count it does make a difference.  Maybe some of our elected officials here in Dearborn Heights don’t listen to us when we go to council meetings and have our say there. Maybe they don’t read our emails, they might not go to a Facebook page and read what their residents are saying. One thing they will listen to is our vote when they get voted out of office. Just ask Ned Apigian who was voted out this past November.


1 thought on “When You Make A Difference With Your Vote.”

  1. Our entire society benefits from well educated people. There is no disagreement on that point.

    Where there is disagreement is the funding method for education
    Right now, property owners are paying way more than their share of the freight.

    This is not only true for Dearborn Hts, but all of Michigan.
    At one time, more affluent neighborhoods had much better schools, since local property taxes went to fund the those neighborhood public schools. Now, in the spirit of ‘Bernie’, those property taxes are ‘spread out’ to the lesser affluent communities. No more is the incentive to move to a better neighborhood just because of the better public schools. More affluent property owners are paying for other school systems as well as their own, which dampens the incentive to ‘stick around’. Instead, affluent folk are sending their kids to private schools, Charter schools, anything but public schools, where it is practically impossible to get rid of an inept teacher.

    At least with Charter schools, that need to be good in order to make a profit , there is accountability in a very simple way. If they are not better, parents take their kids somewhere else and the school goes out of business. When was the last time you ever heard of a public school going out of business, of closing down due to sub teaching standards? There is no accountability. Detroit is an example. Even the principals are on the take. Today, the Detroit system got bailed out again to the tune of over 550 million dollars by the State, and the teacher’s union was still unhappy. The State did not cause the deficit despite having 5 state managers. The debt was caused by the school board, who racked up over 250 million plus in debt in a couple of years, causing Granholm to appoint the first manager. Inept stealing and waste added more debt. With Charter schools, they are gone. With Detroit public schools, we give them more money…..Stupid……

    Crestwood better have some controls on spending the bond money. Let’s open the bidding of repairs to all licensed contractors, not just the ‘select’ ones on the school board list, all of them union, and all of them paying 33% more due to the prevailing wage scam….

    Again, time to tax all individuals in Dearborn to pay for the public schools, not just the property owners. That means local city income and sales taxes instead, which picks the pocket of all residents, not just a select few. Of course the non property owners will object, it makes them pay their fair share for a change.

    I have a nickel in the game, been a resident long before Dearborn Hts was even a city, and was in the first graduating class of Crestwood, so I want it to be the best like we all do. I just don’t want the money to be piddled away like in Detroit, where unions in the schools seem to control everything, and ineptitude seems the norm , rather than the exception.

    Will the costs and outlays be ‘transparent’, or are we talking Obama transparency?


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