A Difference Was Made.

crestwood schools, Dearborn Heights,MI


2 thoughts on “A Difference Was Made.”

  1. There is a committee of residents that are going to be overseeing the spending of the money. They have already had their first meeting this committee will be in on all bids they can’t vote but have a say. There is all so going to be a website set up where all information will be posted for every step they make and every penny that’s spent. I all so heard that the bond is going to be less because they got a good rate.


  2. Yes, less than 100 voters, it was that close, managed to increase the taxes of property owners once again. Let’s hope that there is as much enthusiastic oversight on how the money is spent as was done raising the need for yet again taxing a portion of the population, the portion that happens to own property.

    Bids on the work to be done should be opened to all qualified, licensed contractors, not just the ones on the Dearborn Hts ‘prevailing wage’ approved list. That alone will get 33% more bang for our buck. Competition is what keeps costs low, and quality is what keeps customers returning. Let’s open up the bidding, and if not, why not???


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