Crestwood School District You Can Make A Difference.

On May 3rd, 2016 the Crestwood School District is asking you to vote yes on the $35 million bond. Not since 1967 has the Crestwood School District gotten a bond passed that’s 49 years folks let’s not make it 50 years.



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If you live in the Crestwood School District this May you can make a very big difference with just your vote. A vote yes for the Crestwood School District will help restore our school buildings to what they should be. A YES VOTE will ensure that children have a safe environment to go to school in.



What’s your money going to? 

Break Down of Money for School Bond

Please share this information on your own timelines on Facebook for more information on the bond and to join in on this effort you can go to the Yes To Crestwood Schools Facebook Page

7 thoughts on “Crestwood School District You Can Make A Difference.”

  1. Eva 1972, good professional respond. I can censer your sincerity and passion for better places were our kids go to get education. But what I don’t understand why the bond in May? Do you know why not with the presidential election? why not saving few dollars?

    Also, how mush % of the 84% of the budget go to the pension? and how much go to the health benefits?
    As I stated bellow:
    “Fiscal responsibility start with common since, why spending x amount of $$$$$$ on separate election for this huge bond? the presidential election is in November and will cost the district noting or only few $$$$$.”

    Dear Eva: Any answer?

    Please, review the status of the charter school next to city hall, how they can afford to build a state of the art facilities, they manage their budget based on the same state payments per student as Crestwood district receive! They hire certified teacher and must meet the state educational standards same as Crestwood district.

    Please explain if you can, may be you convince the public to pay more taxes including me.

    Taxation become a way of life for elected officials. what ever the reasons for failing to balance the public or the educational
    services, the best solutions for them are more taxation.

    With all the taxes the people pay, we still have no universal health coverage similar to Canada or the Kingdome of Great Britain. wile our taxes pay for the best health coverage for all elected, appointed, and civil services employees. Those health coverage most of us don’t receive from employers and lot can’t afford to buy, but you are supporting more taxes to pay the best health coverage for Crestwood district employees. 84% of all state dollars received by the district as you stated go to salary and freeing benefits of the district employees.

    Teachers deserve the best compensations, pensions, health benefits, but we all taxpayers deserve to have what we pay others to have.


  2. Sorry, I meant to include this info in my previous post. It will be 3.5 mils the maximum number of years is 25. As to what is included in the bond, roofs, windows and doors, electrical updates, plumbing, security (sadly needed), and more.
    As for schools getting an increase every year, that is wrong. School funding has actually been cut for about the last 10 years. It is going up finally, but we are still below what we used to get.


  3. taxamini, I cannot tell you how many districts have never passed a bond but I know there are not many. The majority of districts have done so. As to why these improvements were not made during the years that is a very good question and the only people that could answer that would be the previous school board members and administration.
    What I can tell you is there are districts in this area that have built new football stadiums, additions, auditoriums, etc.. But then when the State of Michigan started to cut funding, which they have done for the past couple of years, those districts had to start laying off teachers and cut classes because they ran out of money. Our district saw the writing on the wall when it came to State funding and was very responsible because they knew it was going to happen and the education of the kids comes first.
    We have not had to lay off any teachers or cut any classes. We are at the top of the list in Wayne county when it comes to being fiscally responsible. As to your question about percentages here you go: Employee Compensation 83.4%, Supplies and Materials 4.5%, Athletics 1.7%, Services and Repairs 7.6%, Transfer Out Debt Service 1.3%, Other 1.1%.
    Our maintenance people are great and do what they can, but it is very hard to keep fixing things that are 50 years old.
    As I said in another post I just ask that you check out the district website where you can find everything the bond includes, plus you can also find our financial records. Also please come to one of the community meetings that are being planned.


  4. I can answer some of the questions. Our schools are 50 years old, which means so is the electrical, plumbing, roofing, windows and doors. Although there have been a few sinking funds passed there has never been a bond to really fix/replace what is needed. I can tell you that the roof at Kinloch leaks when it rains, that part of the ceiling in one of the science rooms at the HS caved in. I can tell you that in 2010 when we had the all night party we had a horrible storm with major flooding inside the school, water was coming through the electrical sockets but the scary thing is that nothing shut off, things that were plugged in were still running until we shut them down. If there had been update electrical that would not have happened. Teachers are afraid to plug things in for fear of a fire. There is much more and you can see the entire report on the Crestwood District website. My husband and I do not even have kids in the district anymore, our child graduated in 2010, but believe me when I tell you these building are falling apart. I really do understand that no one wants to pay more taxes and if you do you want to be sure the money is being spent in a responsible manner, I feel that way. All I ask is that you check out the district website and attend on of the community meetings that are being planned, and base your decision on the facts.
    Thank you.


  5. fiscal responsibility start with common since, why spending x amount of $$$$$$ on separate election for this huge bond? the presidential election is in November and will cost the district noting or only few $$$$$.

    Do you have a common since answer?

    You only listed school districts with mileages, you should list the many without mileages if you wan-a-be fair and transparent as you claim. those district are able to manage their school business using the state allowances.

    Why all those improvements did-not- done over the years?

    What the % of the state allocations the district spend on salaries and pensions? how much left% left for other then salaries and pensions to be used for improvements and up-grades?

    If you wana support more taxes you should be able to answer the above basic and common since questions.

    The charter schools are public and supported by the state and surviving without extra taxes!!!!!!! How come they can do that and Crestwood needs 38M


  6. Your going to have to get me more information to get my support. Thirty five million dollars is a lot of money. The school budget has increased every year. Their fund equity has been higher than most districts. I am not saying I would not support some type of millage but this looks to be very excessive. How does this convert to millage and for how long? Tell the school board to post the specifics on their website.


  7. I’m afraid your going to have to brake this down better. I do not think it has been 49 years since we have contributed to the schools. Thirty nine million dollars is a lot of money. Can you transfer this into mills? What is the duration of the bond? What type of maintenance and replacements are you supporting? Schools have gotten an increase every year from the state. Because it is a school does not mean it should get anything it wants.


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