So What Happened At The Last Council Meeting?

“What Vector Control?” The main attraction was missing from the last council meeting Vector control company’s was all of this by design, of the Mayor? Did he know the City was going to have two officers pass the infamous test? No, but when they did why wasn’t City Council informed of the wonderful news?


As one person put it here on the blog “What Vector Control?” Three Council members expressed that they felt very strongly that an outside Vector Control company was needed until our own officers passed the test. With residents at their side writing on Facebook, emailing and calling council member Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton arranged to have two Vector Control companies attend February 23, 2016, Council Meeting. In the two-week period from  February 9, 2016, to  February 23, 2016, meeting as if by magic two of the ordinance officers passed the test.

Not one of the Council members who asked, or expressed an interest in this subject were informed that two ordinance officers passed the test. Grandma Suzanne, from the Dearborn Heights 48125 east page on Facebook called the state and got the information that yes finally the City had two ordinance officers who had passed the test.

Council Persons, Dave Abdallah, Lisa Hicks-Clayton and Ray Muscat WERE NOT INFORMED that two ordinance officers were now certified or that vector control companies were not going to be at this meeting as promised. This speaks loudly that the city administration is keeping pertinent information from our representatives and by doing so is punishing the very people who are trying to help us. Source: Dearborn Heights 48125 East Facebook Page. 

This is the administration giving those council members that dare to stand up for the resident a slap on the hand. Telling them, “listen up guys we run this town the way we want to.” This is an administration that doesn’t want to Make a Difference if they did they would have welcomed any company to come in and give a presentation. If they did they would have made sure that they sent an email out to Council members letting them know that the City now has two certified ordinance officers. It was an attempt to embarrass councilwoman Hicks-Clayton who made the arrangements in the first place. What about this great relationship with the head (wink, wink) of the ordinance department? Why as a head of a department didn’t he send an email out, to at least those council members that had concerns? Why didn’t he let the many concerned residents on the South end know this information so they could post it on their Facebook Pages? Might it be that he isn’t the one all of us should be talking to? If not him then who we don’t want to waste our time if we are talking to the wrong person in that department?

Here’s the bottom line guys don’t give up that’s what they want you to do… Here is a great idea that the SWDHNA came up with at their last meeting.

During the council meeting of February 9, 2016, Jack McIntyre, the director of the ordinance department claimed he has not received enough complaints of rats to warrant calling in a professional vector control company. However, many people claim that they have called in. Since we have a “he said, they said situation”, a solution to this problem was offered.

For any ordinance complaint, not just for rats; those who have a computer should – DO NOT USE the Ordinance Department’s online form found on the city’s website. Instead email Jack McIntyre directly with your concern or complaint and CC council persons Abdallah,Hicks-Clayton and Muscat. That way a record of your complaint is witnessed by three other people. Their emails are listed below:

Jack McIntyre (Ordinance Director):

Council Person Dave Abdallah:

Council Person Lisa Hicks-Clayton:

Council Person Ray Muscat:

If you do not have a computer, ask a relative or friend to send the message for you. If you have to call, make sure you take down the date, time and person you talked with and let one of the above council members know this information.

This is all making a difference keep it up everyone make sure to support our council members show up to the meetings, email, share on Facebook, Twitter if you are on Twitter. Join the groups/pages on Facebook take pictures of what you are seeing good or bad and send them to us if you don’t have a Facebook account to get to our page and post them you can send them to


4 thoughts on “So What Happened At The Last Council Meeting?”

  1. From Dearborn heights 48125 FB page:

    Troy Brown posted the following:

    “To understand the self-serving, self-absorb, politics of the city of Dearborn Heights government, one has to be able to separate the issues. The pond issue and the rat issue.
    The rat issue, while largely reported to be a resident issue can be arguably associated with abandoned or illegally kept properties where the city refuses to enforce the ordinances (laws) on the books. Additionally the rat problem can also be considered a Wayne County issue since the storm water and sewers are a primary sources of food and transportation for rats.
    The pond issue is stickily a county issue that the city and the River Oaks Neighborhood Association got involved in because the residents were sold this idea of “a natural habitat” and the city seen an opportunity to politically help the county out and maybe some power and money. At very least it was an opportunity for “Cash Flow” into the often used and abused “Water Fund” in Dearborn Heights.
    Keeping in line with the reset of the “Water” items in this city, ALL of DH residents have paid the price for this. Only River Oaks lives with the misery of these political decisions from yesteryear. Just like only the South end residents continue to pay the price for the fact that the city refuses to force the county into fixing this NBECD issue and at very least stopping the illegal flow into the creek.
    Separating the issues will still allow one to come to the same conclusion: Dearborn Heights continues to exist at the “good pleasure” of the County and the city of Taylor at the expense of the home owning, tax paying residents / investors of the city.
    Here is the reality of the POND:
    “Through the collaborative effort of the City of Dearborn Heights, Wayne County and the River Oaks Neighborhood Association, the project demonstrates the possibility of retrofitting existing detention ponds and basins for detention, creation of natural wetland areas, and treatment of storm water runoff.” Source:… ”

    “Watershed Restoration Projects

    Click on Streambank Stabilization, to view the complete list of community based projects in this category. To view community based projects in another category, click here”


  2. The administrator of the city is responsible for enforcing the city ordinances, the city council is responsible to legislates those ordinances.

    Wither its masquitooooooooooos or raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats the administrator must resolve those issues by enforcing the related city ordinances if the residents are neglecting their individual responsibilities, or by ordering the city public services employees to correct the problems as a public service issue, or by asking the council to approve ordinances to resolve them, municipal issues should be resolved without delays or finger-pointing or shifting the blames, or ignoring, none will make the problems disappears, in the contrary it mushroom the issue. End of the story.

    Municipal government business is not that complicated at all, very basic public services that needs commitment and ability to do the public service tasks without paying attention to any politics or self serving agendas by all elected, appointed and civil service employees.

    All elected public services seats must carry term limits, so they can go back to the community/society and live under the laws they enacted.


  3. What is wrong with inviting and listening to “Victor Control” companies, free of charge? why the cancelation? why the secrecy about passing the exam? its about time anyway! will, its a lesson to be learned by few council members, don’t were the administrator hat, the city business is run by legislations, the administrator must follow the council directions, they are the body who approve the payments. Its better to ask for solutions to city problems by council members and if not satisfied pass resolutions to correct any issue. Council members must remember that forcing the administration to act on a resolution requires 5 out of 7 votes, and may requires the resolution in question to move up and become an ordinance if the resolution get the 5 members support. Any elected public body must work together to get results, councilmembers must spend their energy and time on educating other members on the issues of concern to them, hopping to get the support to their resolutions,

    Councilmembers must stop wearing the city administrator hat. If they wish to be the city administrator, time will come next year for them to run for this public seat. And good luck for them.


  4. There were many people who went on the different websites and said that people needed to go to this meeting and keep the pressure on. Now, when I showed up a little before 8:00, there was not one council person in sight and there were only 18 PEOPLE in the audience and the State was giving the end of their presentation. I was shocked that not more people had shown up but Suzanne said that when they figured out that no Vector Control companies would make a presentation, a lot of them left. What was a lot? I’ve found in the past that even those that post these comments don’t show up but they’re encouraging everyone else to show up. Were they there this time? When I saw only 18 people there, I left – disgusted. I’m fed up with people who only want to pay “lip service” to this problem and don’t show up and SPEAK UP where it would really MAKE A DIFFERENCE; at a council meeting, standing up and voicing your disapproval. And with your vote. We had such a dismal turn-out in the last election and now our mayor is running again. If people don’t vote, why would you expect them to show up at a council meeting? And if Paletko gets elected again and you didn’t vote to voice your opinion, you get what you deserve but you’re also punishing the rest of us who are trying to do something to make this city better.


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