New Calendar of Important Meetings In Dearborn Heights…

This is something new we are trying here on the blog Important Meetings in Dearborn Heights… If you know of any meetings that you would like added here please email us or post them in a comment… I’m working on getting it on the sidebar so it’s more permanent.


2 thoughts on “New Calendar of Important Meetings In Dearborn Heights…”

  1. So now the city have 2 certified officers that can legally administer the “rat poisoning”. Great accomplishments after 4 years of taxpayers support. In 4 years a high school graduate normally complete a university degree.

    The issue was never about whether the city have certified officers, It was about what plan the city administration have in place for “victor control” ? Not only in the south end but city wide. The city administrator could’ve covered the “no certified officers” by hiring a service agency or part time certified officers 4 years ago, not allowing the non-certified city employees to administer the regulated rats poisoning methods! ” wither with/without knowledge.

    Its very important for the city administrator to present a “victor control” plan with timelines and activities schedule to the council for review and approval. Its the city elected administrator responsibility to address the city administration issues.

    The rats infestation in certain areas of the city is a health and safety issue and must be confronted publically as part of the municipal public services.


  2. What “victor control meeting” ? what happen to all the hype about the victor control companies that Councilwoman LHC said they will be presenting solutions at the meeting? I’m not blaming her for them not showing-up, but at least she should clarify why they didn’t show-up? The study session was regarding “victor control” but Mr. Victor and his brother Control were missing in action. The victor control program the city have can’t provide full control services because none of program employees are certified by the state for whatever the state requires. I’m happy for the rats population in this city, they are multiplying and having very good healthy life full of freedom to roam in their territories without regards to their follow animals and humans right to live in peace.

    Some years ago I remember watching a movie of rats taking over a department store and threaten to tack over the city where that store located. by the time I done watching I searched the house for any possible hidden rats.

    The rats are here to stay. we can’t completely eliminate them, but we can control them so we can peacefully live with them. They are quick to take advantage of their environment. Rats normally live in seawares, but they like to be near humans and follow animals if given a chance.

    Just remember, we test our medication on rats first!

    Sure you don’t want your neighborhood to be labeled as “ratty”. That will definitely invite other wild animals to feed on them, diminish property values and create various health and safety problems.


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