Every House Needs a Toolkit So Does Our City.

More conversation on the redevelopment of the Van Born corridor:

Surface street transportation corridors are key contributors to the economic vitality and livability of Dearborn Heights. Business corridors can bring value to neighborhoods and increase property values. They generate commerce, help create community identity, and contribute to the desirability of a place to live or conduct business.

Serving on the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments Regional Economic Development Task Force and members of the Redevelopment Business Corridor Task Force, an award winning tool for municipalities was created. SEMCOG launched Creating Successful Corridors to assist communities and others who want to redevelop areas along and adjacent to transportation corridors. It is a web-based resource – a toolkit as we call it – that provides a wealth of information to assist communities and others with their redevelopment efforts. The toolkit is designed so users can get a quick overview of each “tool” and also delve deeper into tools of interest. A deeper dive gives users access to information such as examples of where and how a tool has been used, case studies, and sample ordinances.

More information on the tool kit 

Serving Our Community,

Lisa Hicks-Clayton
Dearborn Heights City Councilwoman


2 thoughts on “Every House Needs a Toolkit So Does Our City.”

  1. Can you name one economic development program the city of Dearborn Heights currently have in place? In the last 4 years how many economic development programs were proposed and approved/rejected by the council? Or the administration?


  2. What are the current economic development projects/programs on Van Born Corridor between Southfield Rd to the east and Inkster Rd. to the west? Any new major developer in the last 4 years?


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