Community Gardens How They Could Make a Difference in Dearborn Heights

What could a community garden do for you?

Let's get one for Dearborn Heights

Just imagine how different our City could be if we had some community gardens. Taking lots that the City owns and doing something with them planting a community garden that the whole community can enjoy. What could a community garden do for you? Good question according to community gardens will,  high_point_community_garden

Community Organizing

• Community gardens increase a sense of community ownership and stewardship.

• Community gardens foster the development of a community identity and spirit.

• Community gardens bring people together from a wide variety of backgrounds (age, race, culture, social class).

• Community gardens build community leaders.

• Community gardens offer a focal point for community organizing, and can lead to community-based efforts to deal with other social concerns.

Crime Prevention

• Community gardens provide opportunities to meet neighbors.

• Community gardens build block clubs (neighborhood associations).

• Community gardens increase eyes on the street.

• Community gardening is recognized by the many police departments as an effective community crime prevention strategy.

See the full list here

Wondering how the City or maybe a neighborhood association might pay for this. Here’s a great site ACGA

Current national funding opportunities:

images (3)

Spring is around the corner let’s ask our Mayor, CDBG director, TIFA, and council to work on this. #madidh

4 thoughts on “Community Gardens How They Could Make a Difference in Dearborn Heights”

  1. So we have a RAT problem in Dearborn Heights so this will bring more RATS to eat the Vegetation. People will not clean up the dead plants and Vegetation. Work on people cleaning there property in Dearborn Heights before you start something new………..


  2. Do you have a location in the city that may become a future “Community Garden”? Do you want to start a pilot one and invite others to volunteer? Please do and count how many will commit to help you.
    Sorry, I’m not discouraging you but how many community gardens exist in Dearborn Heights? Hope you will start the first one in your neighborhood that become a model others in the city will follow.


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