Do You Want a New Website in Dearborn Heights? Make it Happen Take The Survey

Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton has put together a survey and is asking everyone to please take the survey this information will be passed on to her fellow council members and the administration. We need an updated website and this information will give the administration and who our IT people an idea of what the residents need.  For the survey click here your help is needed. Please share with family, friends, and neighbors let’s make this happen.

Thank you


4 thoughts on “Do You Want a New Website in Dearborn Heights? Make it Happen Take The Survey”

  1. The administration/Mayor has had years to do his Job to Administer he hasn’t the residents are begging him to get to the 21st century he won’t. This has been an ongoing issue for years now it’s time that all of us made a difference in Dearborn Heights and this survey is one way of doing it.


  2. Councilwoman LHC, few month ago, a gentleman from the city of Dearborn stated that Dearborn Heights phone system is old and the city capability to use the new web technology is very limited. Please correct me if I miss-understand what he was talking about.

    But if that is the case, don’t you thing the city need to have a new/modern phone system to become capable of accommodating the 21 century communication technology? We are 15 years in this century, (Interactive communication is the standard).

    Madam councilwoman, I watched in disbelieve how the administration and the majority of the council members attacked your proposal for “victor control” in the rats infested areas, even after the administration failed to hire certified employees when the department was established 3 years ago, in addition to the failure of hired ordinance officers to pass the certification exam.

    Also I’m puzzled by the ordinance administrator claiming publically that his department administer “victor control program” without him or any person on his staff holding the state required certification to handle poisoning traps that its an integral part of anyyyyy! rats control program. Better yet, his department violated the state rats poising laws, and you voted among other council members to give him $7k salary raise (witch he deserve in my opinion for his efforts and commitment) without asking about the rats issue status.

    Madam councilwomen, now you are walking the extra miles to have a customers/residents “official city web site survey” done to seek recommendations, Are you telling us that public services in our city are customers/residents driven? Therefore the survey will be given high consideration?

    Madame councilwoman, the city administration should be doing that survey not a council member who work part time and paid about $150.00 P/W to legislate not to administrate. You should’ve asked the city elected administrator to administer a professional survey by way of council resolution, and if you failed as an elected legislator you may then choose to take this action. Please give the elected administrator of this city a chance to do his job.

    Local politic is driven by residents participations, during last election only 18% of city electors cared to vote and almost 50% absentee voters. You will have better chance of getting decent responses to your survey (may be 3% of the 18% voters) if you ask the absentee voters to respond.

    You are doing fantastic job as council member and beyond. Please focus more on legislative matters such as introducing resolutions and asking questions and verifying data before casting your votes.


  3. If you took the survey you see that it’s to understand from the residents what isn’t working on the website, how often they come. This is done to make sure all issues on the site get address when a new site is made. There is a comment section at the end of the survey for everyone to write other things they would like to see. We are only going to get one shot at this let’s make sure it’s done right.


  4. Do you really need a survey to upgrade a city website? Why doing busy-work? The new council chair should support a resolution from the councilwomen to bid-out for a web designer to do the job. The new updated city interactive web site shall be approved by the council. Done deal without big deal. Enough talking and delaying the use of technology to interact with the city residents . The interactive web site will be flexible for improvements and adjustments.
    Stop the talk and walk the walk. Please act and send a resolution for adoption.
    To start with, just copy-cat one of the neighboring cities programs and move on to different issue.
    Thank you for the effort.


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